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Published: October 26th 2011
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We are going on the visit to Coral World on the other side of the island today. This tour was organised for us through the complex. The transportation has been laid on free of charge by the park, so all we pay is the $19 each entrance fee.

The coach pick up is 8.15am at the lobby. Looks like many people could not get up in time. There should have been 15 of us but were only 9.

The taxi took us through about 8 other hotels. It was very frustrating when there was no one there for us to collect. This was time we could have been at the park.

Arrived at the park at about 9.45am. Today, we are being treated to a glorious 94 degrees. Hottest so far in our travels.

Before arriving on the island we were told that there may be a lot of iguanas roaming wild. We did see one on the very first day that we arrived, but have not seen any since.

At Coral World they have iguana alley where they roam freely. It was great to see so many of them.

Coral world had many great exhibitions. All the staff appear to be completely devoted to their jobs. We had a great time. You can get up close and personal with most of the animals.

There is an underwater reef encounter that is out in the sea and gives you a view of the fish without having to dive or snorkel.

At lunch time we got completely surrounded by iguanas. One particular took a liking to George’s shoes.

There was a lovely beach next to the park. We took a walk along.

Arrived back at the complex at about 3pm.

Today we have only two large cruise ships outside our balcony today.

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Disney cruise ship

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