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There are people who feel music deep into their soul. We consider ourselves part of that collective. The melodies seep through a portal and then you experience not only the music itself, but the very emotion created by the artist. Are you one of those? Do you hear the beat? Can you feel the vibe? Do you sense the rhythm? Does music stimulate emotion in you? Are your memories tied to songs? “The history of a people is found in its songs.” – George Jellinek The lights are dim in the Showroom at the Sea theatre as we move in and take our comfortable seats inside this impressive venue on a huge ship as we watch several blues legends walk on stage to take their seats. They truly seem to enjoying joking around and being together. ... read more
Stanley, Mr. Sipp, Dave
British Virgin Islands
Yep, that's what our ship does

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Years ago we heard the phrase, “Cruising plans are made of Jello”. How true! We never made it to Coral Bay last week, instead, we sailed 32 miles south to St. Croix. And what a nice sail it was. Winds were mainly less than 20 knots, and on the beam. For non-sailors, winds that are perpendicular to the boat are ‘on the beam’. For Whisper, and most boats, it’s the best point of sail. We were easily cruising at 6-8 knots with both sails reefed. We had to endure a couple of squalls, but we could see them coming and shortened sail until they passed. During one squall, a rainbow formed and could be seen in the sky, on the water surface, and, the end of the rainbow was at our boat! Never found the pot ... read more
Drunk Bay
Drunk Bay stone graffiti
Salt Pond

The next day we were at La Croix – pron. La Croy to Americans who do after all call main courses entrees!. Arriving in to the wharf at Frederiksted at the West end of the long/thin island. It was formerly a Danish territory and they sold it to the US for $50M. in gold in about 1918 I think. I did a 4 hr tour there for $70 which was definitely not worth it. We drove for about 25 mins and hauled up at some well known golf course designer course – for 20 mins?? A gift shop? (I think it was actually a “pro shop” so no use to ‘normal’ people). And we hardly needed a toilet stop quite yet! Asked for comments at the end I piped up that they should reduce the time ... read more
Frederiksted blues
Fred'stad with flags

Well, we had an uneventful (thank heavens) trip down to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. I had to do two days of training for some of the educators here but once that was over we started a mini-vacation ;-) Our first hotel was the Divi Carina on the east end of the island. Beautiful setting, long beach but we didn't see much there as I was at the Casino across the street doing training all day and Cope was teaching online. Since there wasn't any internet access in the room he had to do it from the lobby with the caribbean breezes blowing and the sea just outside...tough duty. But yesterday with Cope driving on the left side of the road (shades of New Zealand) we moved to the north side of the island ... read more

We sailed from Puerto Rico to St. Croix with our good friends Tim and Sandy.... read more

How We Roll… I’m hip…I’m cool…I’m down with the lingo! HA!! Some of you will remember that Kel and I returned from our grand viaje back at the end of 2007. We came back to the United States as the same people but had also changed at the same time. We were a walking contradiction; seemingly the same but somehow fundamentally different. But, we were really, really lucky because when we got back there were new friends and old friends who welcomed us with open arms. Almost as soon as we returned we found a group of people who accepted us as the not quite normal Americans that we were. People like Brian & Laura, Melissa & Andre and many others were willing to make us into a part of their group. We were so ... read more
Views from the East
4x4 Wonderful
Our Pool and The Sea

Well I guess it's been about a month now since I've written (time goes by fast!) and there have definitely been some highs and lows - to summarize: It's been mostly working here in the field and taking care of the animals for me, cooking of course, going to the beach when possible, etc. We knew that the rabbits were pregnant from when we put them altogether in the battery room for the hurricane, so we were preparing for some births last week. Unfortunately, a few of what we thought were males were actually females and vice versa (we got different stories from different people instead of actually just sexing the rabbits). So it turns out that the female was in the larger cage when she gave birth (we wanted her to be in the smaller ... read more
St. John Reef Bay Sugar Mill
Me at the sugar mill
Nicole and Manda at Cinnamon Bay

Hello everyone, I guess it's been awhile. I just celebrated Halloween festivities here on island last weekend and friday night which included much dancing to the celebrated music of Kurt Shindler, a favorite local artist who just plays some good island dance jams. I dressed up as a Taino (indigenous people from island) woman complete with plant leaves coming out of my hair, although I was also mistaken for Pocahontas and Jungle Queen. Photos attached. Also a new development for the past week and a half is that I finally got on the insurance here so am now able to drive!!! On the left side of the road, mind you. Actually it's been an incredibly easy transition and I didn't have to think twice about it after the first trip out. I also get to drive ... read more
Halloween vibrations
Hurricane damage in C-sted
Beer-drinking pig at Norma's

Hello everyone! Well, this last week we had a hurricane come through here: Omar. We thought were just going to have a tropical storm, but on Monday we saw it developing on the radar saying it was going to be a category 1. Tuesday it developed more than expected and was supposed to be a category 3 straight over St. Croix for Wednesday night. So all Tuesday and Wednesday we prepared everything to take the blow: taking down the roof and solar panels at one of the sleeping places, taking down the greenhouse and putting the plants in the potting shed, moving the animals, harvesting what we can, bringing in all loose things, etc. Since all the buildings are open air here, and because this is a farm, there was a lot to do. But you ... read more
Emancipation Day Parade
People watching the play
me watching the play

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