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Published: January 30th 2016
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There are people who feel music deep into their soul. We consider ourselves part of that collective. The melodies seep through a portal and then you experience not only the music itself, but the very emotion created by the artist. Are you one of those? Do you hear the beat? Can you feel the vibe? Do you sense the rhythm? Does music stimulate emotion in you? Are your memories tied to songs? “... Read Full Entry

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Toronzo CannonToronzo Cannon
Toronzo Cannon

"The Chicago Blues Man"
Bob & DaveBob & Dave
Bob & Dave

Brothers United
Dave Forte -- bassDave Forte -- bass
Dave Forte -- bass

Toronzo Cannon Band
Westside AndyWestside Andy
Westside Andy

Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys
Great shirtGreat shirt
Great shirt many times have I wanted to say that at work
Let's DanceLet's Dance
Let's Dance

what happens on the ship stays on the ship...not
Paul LafleurPaul Lafleur
Paul Lafleur

The Zydeco Hellraisers
Noah HuntNoah Hunt
Noah Hunt

with Kenny Wayne Shepard
Mr. SippMr. Sipp
Mr. Sipp

Gospel Blues

Long term Blues Cruiser
Oh yeahOh yeah
Oh yeah

Albert Cummings

30th January 2016

Great commentary and pics. Loved seeing them!! Aren't you on your way to Lebanon, Egypt etc. soon? My niece (married to man from Beirut who's mother lives in Cairo) is still trying to get some suggestions from her husband for me to pass on to you. I know you will have already been briefed on the normal sights and activities in those places but was hoping to be able to turn you on to some interesting and less touristy spots. I'll keep trying. Always love hearing about your travels. We don't have any exotic trips in the near future, just several "inside US" trips to see family and friends. Love, Sonja
30th January 2016

Hello Sonja,
Glad you continue to follow our adventures. We leave on Wednesday for Lebanon and then on to Egypt. We will be available via email so if you get us any information please send it along. Hopefully you'll get to Florida to see us. Thanks for commenting. chat soon.
30th January 2016

Blues Cruise
Enjoyed reading about your blues cruise again this year. The photos are great. Your next trip sounds very interesting too! I have an upcoming Ptrip to NOLA to spend a few days and also see Kinky Boots. Then it is off to Seattle to visit the grandsons (and their parents). In the Spring I will go on a Seine River cruise Paris to Normandy. Happy travels to you two! Marsha
31st January 2016

Blues Cruise
So glad you are reading along with us Marsha. We enjoyed the trip again and will go back. We love music and this is a way to get a solid injection of the blues.
30th January 2016
Looking for Dancing Dave

Boo hoo hoo
What can I say? Gutted...selfish I know...yeh gutted. Seeing you guys with Stephanie & Debbie, Mr Sipp, Tommy Castro, Samantha Fish, Danielle Nicole, even Derrick! Then with some we have not yet seen...Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mighty Mo Rodgers, Ruthie Foster, Elvin Bishop. But where was Ralph, the Mayor of the Lido deck? And what about our 5 a.m to the smell of bacon gigs in the Crows Nest...surely you did not foresake those 'cos your dancing partners were not there? Somewhat cheered by your smiling faces...but gutted we couldn't be bathing in the blues with you this year.
31st January 2016
Looking for Dancing Dave

Boo hoo hoo
We cried not having you with us... Stephanie & Debbie asked about you and wished you were with us. Maybe next time my friend...let us know. Ralph wasn't on this trip but his sister was. Yes we experienced the 4am Crow's Nest....Tab entertained us beyond words. He is charming. The new guys we found are amazing. Wait until you hear Albert & Toronzo.
30th January 2016
The 10 Daves

How a thought with a chuckle becomes legend
Well done. A tradition is blooming. When we kicked off this idea last year...Dave was not Dangerous then. Then he became Dangerous Dave. And now he's got disciples!
31st January 2016
The 10 Daves

A chuckle becomes a legend
Newly discovered Dangerous Dave did solid work this year and the group doubled. He's got a plan for the next blues cruise. He's got his plan now and we'll see how he does.
31st January 2016

Blues Cruise
What a great idea to go on a Blues Cruise. Sounds like an intense and also fun experience! All the best, Katha
8th February 2016

Music time
Hi guys Looks like it was amazing again !!! I just caught up with reading the latest blogs ..I am in Dubai at the moment., Hope all goes well with Lebanon Egypt travels and that I will see you end of March in London or Sussex.
9th February 2016

On the road
Sounds perfect. We are happy travelers.

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