In the land of hurricanes

Published: November 4th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Tomas is getting stronger and is officially an H1. It is moving slower than planned so we won't get him until most likely tomorrow morning. We're evacuating at 2pm now before the even stronger (60mph) winds hit us. The ocean is CRAZY right now and the wind, as it is, has already started to toss the smaller students around. We are apparently going to be in the eye of the storm, which I might add is larger than FLORIDA! Oh, and our shelter has glass pannels all around it so we can see the destruction as it occurs... sweet?

I'm ready. Are you?


Not much to report about recent weeks. It's been pretty calm and regular. Classes are officially over, I just have my exams left next week. I got into Annemarie's DR project and to be honest, I'm not even sure what it is. I just know I'll be out in the water everyday for the next 5 weeks!

Hurricane Tomas is a brewing. Currently, its about to hit Haiti (i'm sooo sorry) and is only a tropical storm with sustained winds at 50mph. When it reaches the TCI, it should be a level 1 hurricane with winds around 75 mph. We're about to get wrecked. We packed up the center today and we have an evacuation planned for 10am tomorrow morning. We'll spend about the next 24 hours in the shelter.

Now shelter is a special term. It's really just a huge sturdy room where we will all be living together in harmony (maybe?... not likely) with 2 toilets and 1 sink. It should prove to be fun, until we get hungry.

The waves are going crazy and you can see the bend in the clouds in the sky. Its super windy and you can just tell something big is coming. The locals haven't seemed to have raised the alarm yet but we're sure once the chair moves (ask me to explain later) it will all get a lot more exciting.

In other news, I'm student of the day. I've already been angrily confronted once for not knowing the water jugs were empty while I was out on my walk. I totally forgot to turn on my student of the day radar so I would know to come back and fill water. My B.


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