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Last June when we passed through the Grenadines heading south a lot of people told us about the Tobago Cays and how beautiful they are. Unfortunately in June the wind was really strong and we needed to get out of the hurricane box before July 1 so we passed them by and figured we’d come back this year. It's worth noting that some of our friends had made it out to the Tobago Cays in June and told us there were five boats anchored inside the reef. Well, it’s amazing how things change. Now it looked like a parking lot for catamarans. Someone reminded us that this was the European Christmas/ New Year holiday and that within a week most of the European charters would clear out. So between the weather and the Europeans we decided ... read more
Cruise Anyone?
Keeping Cool
Bread Anyone?

When we went to Frigate Island we thought we would be anchored there only a night or two waiting out the weather to move to the Tobago Cays. A week and a day later we finally left. It did wind up being a good place to wait, even though there were still some rough and wet rides to shore from here. One of the nice things about staying here instead of in Clifton (the other major anchorage) is that we were at a more laid back area of the island of Union. When we traveled south we were in Clifton so this gave us a chance to explore a new part of the island. Frigate Island is marked by the stopped development of a marina and condo complex. We understand that they had hoped to build ... read more
One of the many views
Basalt Columns
One of many views from Frigate

Mayreau (pronounced My Row) is the smallest of the inhabited Grenadines as it is only 1 ½ square miles in area and has a population of about 300 residents. We moved here from Union Island which wasn’t a large jump, but it felt like a world away. We had an enjoyable sail which was nice after having been at anchor for some time at Frigate Island. What should have been only a 2 hour move turned out to be 3 hours as the wind was against us and the seas were high. We anchored in the beautiful Saline Bay which has a fabulous white beach and good access to shore. When we pulled into the bay we were very surprised to see a large sailing vessel, the Wind Spirit. You can check it out on google ... read more
Sunset shot
Traditional Construction
The Tobago Cays

First, I need to apologize for some of the captions on the photos of the last blog entry. Not sure what happened but I see that some of the titles didn’t get matched up with the photos – hopefully it didn’t cause too much of a problem for you! I was in too much of a hurry at the internet café to get the blog done that I didn’t double check this last time – will work on that for future blog entries! Remember when we said we planned on moving slowly up north in the islands this sailing season? Well, we are true to our word right now. We arrived at Union Island on Tuesday, December 27th and in listening to the weather predictions figure we will go to Tobago Cays this coming Monday. What ... read more
All Types of Sailboats
A Shady Spot to Wait
Barrels from the US

Martinique was the last of the French islands that we will be visiting this season. The Windward Islands run from Martinique to Grenada and were to be the easier ones to sail as we were now heading south. We left Trois Ilets in Martinique around 6AM on a Friday, June 10th and arrived in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia about 1PM. The wind started out light, but then built to 15 knots which was great. We were in the lea of the island, but once we got away from the protection of the island, the seas picked up, the winds picked up to 22 knots and found we were fighting a current. As a result our hull speed dropped even though there was more wind. Fortunately about 4 hours into the crossing the seas evened out and ... read more
Pigeon Island
A great location for a fort
The Pitons

Cruising around Bequia in the Grenadines quickly became a favourite. The anchorage of Saltwhistle Bay in Mayreau was what many would suggest typifies paradise. See for yourself...... read more
Admiralty Bay, Bequia
Admiralty Bay, Bequia
Port Elizabeth, Bequia

GREETINGS FROM BEQUIA, Hi everyone, sorry we haven't written in a few days, but we've busy with a wedding here. Everything went smoothly for Sunday's ceremony. We had a half dozen of our friends here on the island in attendance. It started raining just a couple of minutes before we were done, which was not a problem other than we couldn't get the photos we wanted afterwards because everything was all wet and cloudy. The traditional wedding cake here is called "black cake" and it weighs a ton. We ordered a cake for 12, but it must have been big enough for 20 at least. Sarah took a few pictures for us (354 to be exact). We had a very beautiful, non-traditional ceremony right here at our villa. Malialani made a grand entrance down our 50 ... read more
The runner survived the long trip
Singing to the Bride
lei Exchange

Greetings from Bequia, Well, we're all settled in our new home at Sights & Sounds. We're staying in the guest studio, but have access to the fantastic pool area of the main house. It's really quiet and peaceful here and the views are amazing. Our little studio has a nice kitchenette, a bed, and a bathroom with an outdoor shower. There's even AIR CONDITIONING! which is a rare thing for Bequia. The pool area is large with a small plunge pool that overflows a four foot waterfall to the main infinity edge pool. There's a couple of large comfy lounge chairs and umbrellas to shade us from the sun. We have switched over to Wedding-mode with only a couple of days now until the big day. The cake is ordered, the flowers are being prepared and ... read more

Greetings from Rainy Bequia, Yesterday sailed to Mustique for the day. We had 15 guests aboard the Friendship Rose. The day started out cloudy and never really got too much better. We had some glimpses of sunshine in the afternoon. But Bequia got rain the whole time we were away. So I guess we were the lucky ones. It was Malialani's first visit to Mustique so I got to show her around. All of our guests, save one, wanted to do the taxi tour of the island, so the two of us were joined by Russell, a charming Brit, on a "vigorous" hike across the island to Macaroni Beach. I had described it as "up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill and turn left, but ... read more
I must have been the muse for this carving
Giving the Captain a Break
Buttery Soft Sands

Happy Father's Day and Greetings from RAINY Bequia Well, we've had some changes here in Bequia. Last Monday Sarah returned early from the UK and moved back in to her house. Since we had been staying in her room and were already planning on moving to a villa for the last week of our stay, we just moved to a place of our own a little earlier. We are staying in a lovely bottom apt. of a villa that overlooks Admiralty Bay. The owners of the villa are here from the UK and staying upstairs in the main house. We met them on the way in and they are a lovely couple. This villa is not too far from town and close to Princess Margaret Beach. It is Rainy Season for Bequia, but we actually have ... read more
Sunset over Admiralty Bay
Great views to enjoy!
Rainy season here in Bequia

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