Rainy Bequia June 22, 2010


Greetings from Rainy Bequia,

Yesterday sailed to Mustique for the day. We had 15 guests aboard the Friendship Rose. The day started out cloudy and never really got too much better. We had some glimpses of sunshine in the afternoon. But Bequia got rain the whole time we were away. So I guess we were the lucky ones.

It was Malialani's first visit to Mustique so I got to show her around. All of our guests, save one, wanted to do the taxi tour of the island, so the two of us were joined by Russell, a charming Brit, on a "vigorous" hike across the island to Macaroni Beach. I had described it as "up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill and turn left, but once we got to the top of the first hill we were all pretty winded. Malialani tells me I should not recommend that "hike" for the average guest. It took us 45 minutes and when we arrived the guests who took the tour were just leaving, so Russell hopped in the taxi with his family and left us to our "pleasure hike" back home. It was a bit easier on the way home, but it was still a good 45 minute "HILLY' hike.

Russell had told us on the way over about this being his 50th birthday year. So in honor of said birthday he was taking a holiday (that's british for vacation) every month of the year. His family's trip to Bequia was one they had purchased at a charity auction. He had already been to France twice, Scotland, and some other places we can't remember now. He also told us of his travels to the US. He and his wife flew to Miami and bought an old car for $1200 then proceeded to drive all over the US and Canada for the next four and a half months. When they were done, they had driven over 10,000 miles and sold the car for $1400. THAT WAS ONE GOOD USED CAR!

Mustique is definitely the island of the rich and famous. Very exclusive. Everything is run by the Mustique Company. With residents like Oprah, Mick Jaggar, and Tommy Hilfiger. There are only about 40 villas to rent and every one comes with its own golf cart, which is the only form of transportation around the island. Its only about 3 square miles in area. One of Mustique's claims to fame is Basil's Bar-known throughout the caribbean and the world for the Mustique Blues Festival held there each year in January.

Today was another off and on rain day. Malialani spent the morning doing some wedding planning with Sarah, our island wedding source. I just followed along for moral support. First there was the cake to choose from the cake lady at the Frangipani hotel, then it was on to the flower talk with the flower lady at the Gingerbread hotel. I did my best to just stay out of the way.

In the afternoon I did what men do best-got a shovel and moved some dirt. One of the villas here had some new guttering installed (you remember from a previous blog. Exciting stuff here on the island). But the guttering was going under one of the doors and needed to be covered in dirt and properly supported. Well, the "guttering guy" had already been paid, so, you know how that goes. Your's truly was given the task of shoveling some dirt over the guttering and making sure it was secure. Well, that sounds easy enough back home where you have all the tools and supplies you need, but shoveling some dirt over a downspout is about as easy as installing a bench onboard a ship (inside joke for my long-time followers). Three hours and five miles of hiking later the job was done. Just in time to make it home for dinner.

This is our last night here at Tamanda Apartment. Tomorrow we will be moving to a fancy villa on the other side of the island. We are staying in the guest studio but have access to the really nice infinity pool at the main house. So, looks like next week is less walking and more soaking in the pool.

Hope you all continue to join us as we count down to our "Island Wedding" on Sunday.

Ya Mon,
David and Malialani

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