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Published: June 4th 2006
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Check out my photography homepage here: Stephen Hayden Photography Local business' that made the trip happen: Aventuras: San Juan, Puerto Rico Taino Divers: Rincon, Puerto Rico Lemontree Inn What drew me to Puerto Rico? Looking back on it, I'm not quite sure. It could have been the first time I heard about the bio-luminescent oceans, great diving, El Yunque(the only tropical rainforest in the... Read Full Entry

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Taino Divers, Rincon Puerto RicoTaino Divers, Rincon Puerto Rico
Taino Divers, Rincon Puerto Rico

Taino Divers, Rincon Puerto Rico
Camuy CavesCamuy Caves
Camuy Caves

Aventuraspr.com only took a few shots, the low light made for terrible pictures and good ones time consuming.

6th March 2006

Amazing pictures
Great Pictures! I will be following your blog! good luck
15th September 2006

Great Pictures
This is the Puerto Rico I love, the part that sometimes we puertorricans forget about. Amazing pictures! Cheers for la isla del encanto, mi isla del encanto!!!
16th September 2006

Te felicito son unas fotos preciosas y provocativas. Definitivamente tienes sensibilidad para captar a travez del lente . Bendiciones para ti!
16th September 2006

Muchos Gracias Cristina and Golee!
yo disfrute Puerto Rico mucho, y estoy allegre que puedo parte mis fotos... y quisiera regresar a Puerto Rico- habian muhcos cosas que no podrian ver!!
20th November 2006

I'm going to Rincon for a week in April and I really enjoyed reading your blog. The photos are fantastic!!
27th November 2006

Lindo Puerto Rico
Your pictures of my island are beautiful, thank you for sharing it with the world.
8th February 2007

Beautiful pictures
They captured a lot of what Puerto Rico truly is looking at these pictures reminded me of home. Afterall I am puertorican and I'd like to thank you for taking me back by your pictures.
22nd February 2007

why is cuerto recos sand dark?
14th March 2007

your pictures are truly beautiful..you've seen more of puerto rico then some of us who actually live here...wow .what camera did you use??
15th March 2007

That might be true, but then again most people living in Puerto Rico who get two weeks off dont want to spend it driving around the entire island! Its the same here for me in California, there are many spectacular places I havnt seen just 3 hours drive away... I used a Nikon 5700 for this trip. I really liked that camera, buit recently upgraded to a Nikon D80. thanks for the compliments!!
30th April 2007

puerto rico
Amazing photographic safari. I came across your site looking for puertoricans in california. I was there at the same time you were and was able to see most of the sites you photographed. I'm going back the 17th and I shall take my husband to the Camuy caves which I've never seen.
25th May 2007

Giving thanks..
Absolutely enjoyed the beautiful collection of your pictures during your vacation. Thanks a lot I enjoyed them, thank God for giving us the spectacular beauty and that you were able to enjoy it in person. I plan on going in November, late in the year to avoid the humidity:). Fabulous job with the pics. Hope you can go again.
26th May 2007

Coquis aree not frogs
Just to clear thing up the coqui is not a Frog.Is a hole different animal and is not from the famaly of thr frogs.
26th May 2007

Wrong Answer!
[url=http://invasions.bio.utk.edu/invaders/coqui.html]http://invasions.bio.utk.edu/invaders/coqui.html[/url] Im sorry Edward but you are mistaken. Every source I have ever read says Coqui's are frogs of the family of Eleutherodactylus: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleutherodactylus]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleutherodactylus[/url]
8th August 2007

Mi isla
i have been in most of this places and i have to say that Puerto Rico DOES IT BEST (lo hace mejo) the photos are really preatty and it makes me praud of the place that i came from.
11th February 2008

GO P.R!!
wow that is a great thing to experience El Moro. That is a great museum. Great sites, great information, great events.
14th May 2008

felicidades tienes un lente que cacta fotos maravillosas te felicito por un exelente trabago...
7th June 2008

neat pixs! i love my island!
5th August 2008

A couple corrections...
Puerto Rico is not a different country. Also, the people there are not any more friendly than your typical American. It's just a myth.
5th August 2008

Another correction...
Puerto Rico is not the most densely populated island on the planet. Probably not even in the top 10. Not even half of what is found in Java... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puerto_Rico http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java Anyhow, awesome pics. Ain't life grand!
6th August 2008

Historically, linguistically, socially, anthropologically- Puerto Rico is another "country", even though legally and politically it is a "self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States". And I didn't say Puertorriqueños are more friendly, just that they are unique in combining all the aspects of their personalities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puerto_Rican_independence_movement Furthermore Mr. "me", talking about "Americans" during a discussion of Latin America is a bit of a misnomer. Everyone in North, South and Latin America is an American in every sense of the word. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americas Finally I totally agree with your comment about population density! Sometimes travel writing gets a bit caught up in the "biggest, largest, longest, oldest, deepest" superlative race! I should always default to the term to make it sound high, like "one of the..." Thanks to everyone for the compliments!! This is my most viewed blog and I definitely feel priveledged to have shared the things I saw in puerto Rico with so many thousands of people!
6th August 2008

Puerto Rico is #5!
Most Densely Populated Islands of the World: - - - - -- - - -Population density, persons per square kilometer: 52,845,528 Salsette (Mumbai, India) - - 2039 Long Island, NY, USA - - 940 Java (Indonesia) - - 628 Taiwan - - 438 Puerto Rico - - 415 Honshu (Japan) - 364 Kyushu (Japan) - - 363 Luzon (Philippines) - - 347 Panay (Philippines) - - 306 Sri Lanka - - 278 Great Britain - - 232 Hainan - - 227 Hispaniola - - 212 Shikoku (Japan) - - 194 Sicily - - 194 Mindanao (Philippines) - - 101 Cuba - - 91 Sulawesi - - 89 Sumatra - - 79 Ireland - - 71 Hokkaido (Japan) - - 32 Madagascar - - 21 Borneo - - 8 New Guinea - -
29th August 2008

Que Isla tan Hermosa
Thank for shearing these beautifull pictures. One day I will go back home to the land that I love. Keep posting more. This will make me want to go back more.
27th November 2008

Your post is awesome - I was in PR a few weeks ago - - check it out ! http://alefspies.blogspot.com/2008/11/puerto-rico-diaries.html
11th October 2009

Greatful of your photos
Thank you for showing such fantastic pictures of our beloved Island "Puerto Rico", I am helping a friend with a web page and would like your permission to link you to that page. Her page is about promoting the typical Puerto Rican foods she cooks in the Baltimore area. Please let me know, I will proceed with the design but hold from publication until I hear from you. Thanks again for displaying our culture so elegantly
26th February 2010

great pictures
what a beautiful country,mi Puerto Rico.
3rd July 2010
Coffee Farm

We should have never stopped
what a gorgeous picture. To think that my little Island could be standing on her own right now if we would have taught our children to till the land and use our resources. How different things would be today. Amazing that these farms still exist. Someone should put together a tour of still existing coffee farms and sugar cane farms (if they still exist). That would be awesome. Gorgeous Picture!
13th November 2010
El Yunque

Sabes q ella es mi puerto rico
4th December 2010
Camuy Caves

We are traveling to camuy And was wondering how the crime rate might be if there's any. We are traveling with little ones and didn't know if the caves were a safe venture for them. Do you have any info on camuy? And would you choose it for a place to purchase a home? Thanks Donna

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