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I’m not sure where exactly my affinity for islands came from. Perhaps it started while growing up inHawaii, or perhaps my being a Pisces has something to do with it. Who knows? What I do know, is that islands have been a significant part of my life for a very long time and that the longer I am on an island the longer I’d like to stay. Aside fromHawaii, where I spent two formative years, I’ve spent time on Roatán andÚtila,Honduraswhen I lived and taught there. I would go to the islands often to dive and get away from the tiny town I lived in. One of my favorite places when I live inChileis the little knownislandofChiloéoff the coast of southernChile. I had the unique experience of staying with my good friend, Belén in her family’s ... read more

After 5 long years ... Dave finally popped the question in the most risky, original and magical way possible. Here's the story you've been waiting for: It was a pitch-black moonless night on Vieques, a remote jungle island off the coast of Puerto Rico. We were paddling kayaks across Mosquito Bay, the world's most spellbinding Bioluminescent Bay, populated by phosphorescent micro-organisms that flash a blueish light when stirred. The darkness swallowed our guide. His splashes and hollers up ahead became our aural signposts, soon diminishing in prominence as our minds swelled with excitement and wonder. Every dip and row of the paddle set the ocean blushing peacock blue. The glow was so intense we could have read a book at midnight. Our kayaks rode glowing ripples of crushed sapphires and fish zipped beneath the surface with ... read more
The ring!
After the Bioluminescent Bay
The  beginnings of Turquoise Porridge

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Vieques February 13th 2010

Things are not going well. Woke up this morning to sounds on the street. They sounded the same as home. I just laid there for a long time and listened. Cars rushing by, the distant honk. Somebody on a cell phone. The only difference is the roosters. Their crowing reminds me I am a long way from home. Anyway,it took me a long time to get out of bed. I think it is because I am not sure what I am supposed to do all day. One thing for sure, I am going to have to stop drinking. I have a pain in my side but I am not sure where it came from. I remember I went to the bar around nine. It was warm and you could here the ocean lapping at the beach. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Vieques December 23rd 2009

It had been a whirlwind journey filled with canceled flights, long cab rides, and one runaway piece of luggage that tobogganed down the long escalator toward us, but we had made it and the turquoise water and lush vegetation were worth all of the hardships. We were staying in the small town of Esperanza on the south shore of Vieques, a small island off of the east coast of Puerto Rico. The island was part of a group of islands collectively known as the Spanish Virgin Islands and it had had a tumultuous past. The island paradise was in the fledgling stages of building a tourism industry after its previous life as a bombing range for the US Navy had come to an end. We were there for several days as part of a bigger journey ... read more
Taking on Water
Welcome to Vieques
Snorkeling at Blue Beach 3

Vieques (Spanish pronunciation: /'vjɛkɛs/ or /'bjɛkɛs/ or /'βjɛkɛs/; English pronunciation: or ), in full Isla de Vieques, is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico in the northeastern Caribbean. Although Puerto Rico is a U.S. Commonwealth, Vieques, like the rest of Puerto Rico, retains strong Spanish influences from 400 years of Spanish ownership. Vieques lies about 8 miles (13 km) to the east of the Puerto Rican mainland, and measures approximately 21 miles (34 km) long by 4 miles (6 km) wide. The two main towns of Vieques are Isabel Segunda (sometimes written "Isabel II"), the administrative center located on the northern side of the island, and Esperanza, located on the southern side. At peak, the population of Vieques is around 10,000. The island's name is a Spanish spelling of a Native American word said to mean "small ... read more
Another beach

Happy New Year to Everyone!! Greetings from Puerto Rico (which interesting enough is not in Central America as my travel blog states, rather is is a commonwealth of the United States)!! At present I am on a small island just east of the main island of Puerto Rico where the weather is blissfully warm and sunny. Our adventures thus far have been spectacular!! Yesterday we took a 10 seater plane from San Juan to Vieques and saw an awesome arial views of the ocean and lush landscape. After landing we found our inn and took our rented jeep out for some exploration prior to our all-day kayaking adventure. Yesterday was my first kayaking experience ever, and one I shall never forget! A major source of excitement and anticipation was not only the kayaking but viewing and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Vieques September 16th 2007

A few observations from our stay here on the island of Vieques, just off the east coast of Puerto Rico You know you're on an island when: *A horse stampede runs wild through your property *We're going to the beach...again. *Taking a nap is easy *Catching up on our reading; books and blogs. *Watching the horse, or chicken cross the road while driving *We can pick fresh limes and papayas on our property *A power outage can follow a heavy rainstorm *and is the reason we unplug the phone and laptop during a storm and monitor hurricane weather sites *Interesting dining options *Another day, something else breaks down, and Dennis repairs it (today, it's our landline!) ... read more
And the view to the west
Fresh papayas

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Vieques January 11th 2007

Vieques, Puerto Rico…. What is there to say about a place that few know about; except that the US Navy has bombed the living crap out of the east side of the island for over 40 years; used the western side of the island for a munitions depot, and forced the local residents to live in a small area between the two areas? Hmmm… Vieques is a sleepy little island just off the eastern end of PR, about 6 miles southeast of Fajardo. The island is very beautiful, but most of it is on lock down due to the restricted areas that the military and Fish & Wildlife Administration has setup. There are a plethora of pristine beaches to explore, hundreds of empty bunkers built into the western landscape and of course, diving. The locals are ... read more
Looking North
Ceiba Tree
Eel in Tidepool

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