Just paradise - Isla Tigre

Published: May 19th 2017
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We ended up at Isla Tigre, one of the more or less 400 islands of San Blas. The island is a community island, which means there is a Kuna Yale village. The village is beautiful and because we are still very far from civilization the people live extremely basic, all houses are made of bamboo with thatched palm leave roofs. Although the men wear western clothes, all women wear their traditional clothes and jewellery and not because of the tourists (there were not other foreigners except us) but just because this is the way they live and wear their clothes with pride.At one end of the island (which you can cross in about ten minutes) the community has built a few bamboo huts and this is where we can stay. The bamboo hut is perfect for us, right at the small beach, between the palm trees, with a small veranda where we settle down in the shade to relax.The boat trip we made with a whole bunch of people we met at Puerto Obaldia and with this bunch we soon had lively conversations during drinks and dinner, sharing horror stories of all the boat and plane trips we all had had and inspiring each other with other travelling stories. With this group we continued after a few days our trip through San Blas.

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