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This was an awesome hike in El Valle
After kind of a bummer in Panama, and just feeling like I'd wasted too much time there I headed to El Valle. It was just what I needed. It was a very quiet mountain town. Not too many tourist and not much else to do but hike and explore. The first hike I did was to see the square trees it was a lovely hike and I was feeling better already. After that I went to a garden/zoo and was reminded why it is I don't go to zoos, the animals were kept in horrible conditions. I went to some natural hot springs which weren't so pretty as they were just in a concrete pool, but I was able to get a natural mud mask which was nice. That nite I ate at an outside stand and made friends with the Columbian owners. I surprized to finde so many Columbians in Panama but they come here to make the dollar, which of course has more value. I ran into several really friendly Columbians, more than I have Panamanians...odd. The next day I woke early and started hiking, this time to see the petroglyphs and the waterfall. Again another great hike.
Square treesSquare treesSquare trees

Apparently this place is famous for golden frogs and square tress... you can't really tell but this tree was pretty square, at it's base at least, each side is pretty flat
I was acually kind of sad to leave El Valle but I have to keep moving.

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The waterfall eventually flowed into this man made pool... it was super cold, but I swam the length of it to get free entrance...this is what you do when your a budget traveler

7th June 2007

Ilove getting your blogs, buti'me looking forward to getting you home. The weather here is windy. They closed I 70 yesterday for snow.

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