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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete December 12th 2018

Tues 11-Wed 12 December - Day 46 to 47 – Boquete, Panama but day 56 of our travels including Colombia The day was beautiful as we went back to the Panama mainland by boat. We then travelled by minivan onto the highlands and the charming mountain village of Boquete. The 3 hour drive was beautiful through the heavily vegetated highlands. Roads were windy with the occasional bad patched needing repair. One the way we stopped to view the massive dam and hydro electric syste, the biggest in Panama. Located on the eastern slopes of the Volcan Barú, Boquete is quickly becoming a destination for those who wish to bask in the cooler climate and marvel at the exquisite vistas. The climate was very different to the island we had just come from. There was misty rain ... read more
Hydro Electric dam on the way to Boquetta Panama (7)
Boquete Panama - Volcano Baru (3)
Boquete Panama (18)

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete March 22nd 2017

We are in coffee heaven! Boquete is a little town up in the mountains, and with its vulcanic soil and altitudes, it's the perfect nourishing environment for coffee. So we got to polish up our coffee knowledge by visiting a working coffee estate and through experiencing, touching and tasting the coffee beans. With its vast grounds, splendid mountains, chirping birds and tamed with butterflies Finca Lérida is simply paradise. The air smells sweet with flowers and coffee. I did not want to leave! Rolando was our guide and during a couple of hours he passionately shared all his knowledge about the plantation, the different varieties of coffee they grow (amongst which the super gourmet Gei... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí January 21st 2017

Hi in Boquete which is in the Highlands of Panama.its a coffee growing region with cloud forest above it. Went on a tour of one of the coffee farms, they spent a lot of time talking about the politics and economics of the coffee industry. They favour direct trade over fair trade as a way of ensuring the growers and pickers get a better deal. The picking is all done by the Ngobe one of P anamas indigenous tribes. They're semi nomadic a d travel as far as Costa Rican to pick coffee. In the past this was all along jungle pathways but now they use 'chicken' buses (bright yellow old US school buses) and collectivos (mini vans) to get up the mountains. As we've also been using these ever day to get up to the ... read more

28. Dezember. 2016 Booze Cruise Day Nach einem leckeren Frühstück im leo's clan ging es zu unserem Party Boot. Bis zum späten Nachmittag fuhren wir in der Bucht von Potosi in einem Boot wo wir unlimitiert gratis Caipirinhas bekamen. Drei Stops zum schwimmen, Lunch Stop und eine einzigartige Landschaft erwarteten uns. Nach diesem Bootstrip ging es noch zum Strand ein bisschen chillen bevor wir uns leicht angeheitert in die Stadt zum Abendessen begaben. 29. Dezember. 2016 Chilltag Ausschlafen war angesagt! Am Tagesprogramm stand den Strand genießen und bummeln gehen. Ein sehr relaxter Tag. Bevor wir unsere letzte Fahrt in Tortuga (der Name unseres Dragoman Trucks) antraten. 30. Dezember.2016 Letzter Tag in Tortuga Um halb 9 hieß es zum letzten mal "Bag locker". Wir verstauten unser Gepäck und los ging die lange Fahrt nach Rio de ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David January 29th 2016

We are on the final count down to departure time. We leave tomorrow for a 7 hour bus ride to Panama City where we will fly Spirit Air to Fort Lauderdale. We will rent a car to take us to the boat in Fort Myers. Our condominium neighbours have organized a pot luck dinner for this evening so we will be saying goodbye to all. It was quiet during the first two months but the season is in full swing so every condo is booked. Canadians, Americans, a Scandinavian and a Jamaican make up the residents. Everyone is friendly enough but they keep to themselves for the most part. We spent January relaxing, reading, swimming and going out to bars and restaurants. We did have occasion to go to the hospital for a broken toe and ... read more
Typical Panamanian fare
So cheery
Oh the garbage

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 31st 2015

Jerry and I wish all of you a Happy New Year, we miss you all. We spent Christmas Eve walking around downtown David and stopping at our favourite bars. The merchants were still out peddling their wares passed 9:00. The streets were packed with shoppers, the kids fair was in full swing and the streets were littered with garbage. Wrapping paper, food containers, boxes and bottles were everywhere. The garbage continues to boggle our minds in a city with pick up twice a week. We headed back to our condo for a much needed swim and more Christmas cheer. At midnight, the skies erupted with fireworks coming from every direction. This is not an organized event, everyone simply sets off fireworks at will. It could be seen in every direction even way up in the mountains. ... read more
Birds are here mating and making nests
Kids enjoying the downtown fair
Shoppers were out in full swing to the last minute

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 21st 2015

Merry Christmas everyone. It is difficult to get into the spirit here with 95 degree temperature, Palm trees and sand. The Panamanians seem to be into it, with Christmas lights, decorated trees and really crowded shopping areas. We revisited Puerto Armuelles this past week. This is the beach town on the Pacific side that we visited in the rain earlier, I wanted to see it on a sunny day. We were able to walk the beach which is a course dark sand. It was totally deserted except for a hand full of swimmers. The water is quite warm and the sand is too hot to walk on without shoes but it is still very pleasant to stroll along the ocean. There were nicer dwellings at this end of town. We are looking for next year's rental ... read more
Dark sandy beach
Walking the beach at low tide
Gringo pot luck

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete December 10th 2015

EL RIO CALDERA The Rio Caldera is the main tributary that gathers the water from all the other rivers that flow down the surrounding mountains, in the region of Chiriqui. The City of Boquette is the center of this "horseshoe" of mountains and at the center of this valley is El Rio Caldera. Some of these rivers run through the city of Boquete before they reach El Rio Caldera. The Quebrada Bajo Grande flows down Volcan Baru, and has already been explored in this blog site. Others include Quebrada Cheche, Rio Pianista, Quebrada La Sumbona, Quebrada San Ramon, and Rio Palo Alto. Further downstream, as it flows into El Rio Chiriqui Nuevo, many others join this rushing mass of water, lined with rocks of all sizes. At one point El Rio Chiriqui Nuevo has been dammed ... read more
From the Bridge
The Palteau Above

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » David December 4th 2015

We continue to explore this busy and lively city. Panamanians are a boisterous bunch with all their fiestas. Last week end it was yet an other independence celebration, this time from Spain. There was music and dancing with firecrackers and fireworks going off all day and late into the night. Of course parades of chanting and dancing crowds as well as marching bands. They are big on drums here. I can't get over how they march for miles carrying these drums in this heat. We are joining the expat or as they are called, the gringos community. We enjoyed a lovely American Thanksgiving dinner at Hotel David. This is by far the best meal we have had here and the prices continue to be very affordable. The room was full, there are quite a number of ... read more
Lynn our neighbour and I
This is our street
The Thanksgiving crowd

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete November 30th 2015

Dia de los Patrios In 1538 the Spanish invaders did not control much of Panama. This was due to the resistance of "Los Indios de Guerra" (War Indians), who refused to be missionized, conquered, or enslaved. On November 10, 1882 the residents of Azuero declaired their independance from Spain without the backing of the central govenment in Panama City. The Grito de La Villa de Los Santos (Cry From the Town of Saints), sparked existing separatist sentiment and brought the Spanish occupation to an end. For the first eighty years following Spanish occupation, Panama was a department of Columbia. Panamanian's began to resist the Columbian Government. In 1831 a thousand days war was fought. When Columbia rejected a treaty that would end the war, the United States began to give Panama support. By 1903, a new ... read more

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