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August 19th 2012
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And so I did…..

Let me just take a moment and share with you a past experience. Several years ago I had the opportunity to go white water rafting in Georgia with my brother and some of his friends. The river was classified as Class III rapids and we spent most of the day jus paddling.

So fast forward to today...

I went and rode EL RIO CHIRIQUI.

Befoe the trip started, I asked our guide if we could go on Class IV Rapids because I was looking for some excitement and an adrenaline rush. He told me this time of year the rapids are only Class III so reluctantly I went anyway thinking I could at least take in the scenery since there would not be much action.

Okay, so I don’t know much about rapids or if the USA classifies them differently but this run down the river was nothing like my Georgia experience. I silently thanked the universe and god for 1. Helping me stay in the boat and 2. For not letting my cockiness get me killed.

These guys were AwesomeThese guys were AwesomeThese guys were Awesome

and talented and funny and sorta cute and well.....

The company I went with is called Boquete Outdoor Adventures. The guides were amazing, safety conscious and very experienced and they made the trip fun. Our 5 hour day was a once in a lifetime experience. Our boat raced to the Coast Rican border smashing though waves, twisting near rocks, and bouncing off the river’s edge. There was just enough time between rapids to catch your breath and take in the temporary silence before it all began again. Our boat contained a group of spastic paddlers who could not figure out how to work in unison , even when the guide spoke English. We only lost one person but he was quickly rescued and unharmed. Terrified but unharmed. Our guide must have had 20-20 vision because he later spotted this guy´s bracelet, floating a half mile down the river.

Half way through the trip we paddled to land and had lunch. I do not know where the guides were hiding all the food as there were only two boats and a kayak but a buffet magically appeared before us and we ate with gusto. Then we continued on our way.

We had to re-enter PanamaWe had to re-enter PanamaWe had to re-enter Panama

We had crossed by car into Costa Rica and had to go through border patrol. My passport shows I was born in Germany and this seems to cause some confusion with police.

In two years this trip will not be possible. Due to the increase in population in Panama, a hydro/electric plant is being built and the river will soon be closed to the public.

I had so much fun that if I have time, I will go again.

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