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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete December 12th 2018

Tues 11-Wed 12 December - Day 46 to 47 – Boquete, Panama but day 56 of our travels including Colombia The day was beautiful as we went back to the Panama mainland by boat. We then travelled by minivan onto the highlands and the charming mountain village of Boquete. The 3 hour drive was beautiful through the heavily vegetated highlands. Roads were windy with the occasional bad patched needing repair. One the way we stopped to view the massive dam and hydro electric syste, the biggest in Panama. Located on the eastern slopes of the Volcan Barú, Boquete is quickly becoming a destination for those who wish to bask in the cooler climate and marvel at the exquisite vistas. The climate was very different to the island we had just come from. There was misty rain ... read more
Hydro Electric dam on the way to Boquetta Panama (7)
Boquete Panama - Volcano Baru (3)
Boquete Panama (18)

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete March 22nd 2017

We are in coffee heaven! Boquete is a little town up in the mountains, and with its vulcanic soil and altitudes, it's the perfect nourishing environment for coffee. So we got to polish up our coffee knowledge by visiting a working coffee estate and through experiencing, touching and tasting the coffee beans. With its vast grounds, splendid mountains, chirping birds and tamed with butterflies Finca Lérida is simply paradise. The air smells sweet with flowers and coffee. I did not want to leave! Rolando was our guide and during a couple of hours he passionately shared all his knowledge about the plantation, the different varieties of coffee they grow (amongst which the super gourmet Gei... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete December 10th 2015

EL RIO CALDERA The Rio Caldera is the main tributary that gathers the water from all the other rivers that flow down the surrounding mountains, in the region of Chiriqui. The City of Boquette is the center of this "horseshoe" of mountains and at the center of this valley is El Rio Caldera. Some of these rivers run through the city of Boquete before they reach El Rio Caldera. The Quebrada Bajo Grande flows down Volcan Baru, and has already been explored in this blog site. Others include Quebrada Cheche, Rio Pianista, Quebrada La Sumbona, Quebrada San Ramon, and Rio Palo Alto. Further downstream, as it flows into El Rio Chiriqui Nuevo, many others join this rushing mass of water, lined with rocks of all sizes. At one point El Rio Chiriqui Nuevo has been dammed ... read more
From the Bridge
The Palteau Above

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete November 30th 2015

Dia de los Patrios In 1538 the Spanish invaders did not control much of Panama. This was due to the resistance of "Los Indios de Guerra" (War Indians), who refused to be missionized, conquered, or enslaved. On November 10, 1882 the residents of Azuero declaired their independance from Spain without the backing of the central govenment in Panama City. The Grito de La Villa de Los Santos (Cry From the Town of Saints), sparked existing separatist sentiment and brought the Spanish occupation to an end. For the first eighty years following Spanish occupation, Panama was a department of Columbia. Panamanian's began to resist the Columbian Government. In 1831 a thousand days war was fought. When Columbia rejected a treaty that would end the war, the United States began to give Panama support. By 1903, a new ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete November 14th 2015

El Rio Quebrada Bajo This river originates halfway down Volcan Baru. There the watershed from the frequent rains sends it's deluge of water into El Rios, through town, into El Rio Caldera, and melts into the sea. El Quebrada Bajo is seen at many locations through the town of Boquette as it passes under bridges and past stores and restaurants. Here I have included Video of a few of these popular landmarks: Refugio Del Rio, Mike's Global Grill, and Residencial Orquidea. The sound of this ordinarally tranquil river can be heard in many locations. However, when rain continues for days the river becomes a torrent. The sound becomes deafening as the boulders tumble across the river bed like pebbles. See Videos! Click below! v read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete November 5th 2015

Today, we visited the quaint touristy town of Boquete where the expats live. We walked 20 minutes to the bus terminal and boarded a yellow school bus for a one hour ride up the mountain to Boquete. The bus stops along the way to pick up locals who simply wave to flag the bus down. It was hot with no air conditioning but at least no one was carrying chickens. The cost for two one way was $3.40. We saw more substantial dwellings than those in David and still all are behind gates and fences although in the country they had sturdy looking low rock walls. Good fences must make good neighbours. The soil seems even rockyer than in Newfoundland hence no gardens or any crops to be seen. We did see some skinny livestock and ... read more
The mountain peaks shrouded in cloud
A more substantial home nestled in tropical greenery
A fast moving brook through Boquete

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete November 5th 2015

On November 10, 182 the residents of Azuero declared their separation from the Spanish Empire, without sanction of the cental government in Panama City. Their declaration was called El Grito de La Villa de Los Santos (Cry From the Town of Saints). The central government dismissed the action as impotent and meaningless. However, separatist sentiment had been speading, and El Grito had been heard by the entire country. Feeling out numbered, the acting Govenor General decared Panama City's support for independence, and the military stood aside. The Panamanian people were free from Spain. Now, though, Panama was a department of Columbia. It was not long before the Panamanians grew tired of a distant, government. They made several attempts to secede. War erupted, in 1899, as a reaction to a treaty with the United States. The battle ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete November 2nd 2015

I wanted to visit Boquete to go white water rafting, apparently it's really good and cheaper than in Costa Rica. We put our names down for the next day on our first morning, and then crossed our fingers - the activity only runs with a minimum of three. It didn't look hopeful for a while, but eventually two more signed up and we were good to go! At 8am we headed off to the river, which is in Chiriqui, but about an hour or so from Boquete. The river is used to generate electricity in the province, and luckily it was the last day before a three day holiday in Panama, when the dam wouldn't be opened it the river wouldn't be good for rafting. After getting our helmets and life jackets on, our guide Teeny ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete April 27th 2015

I've managed to get 1 hr kip in preparation for this hike - hardly enough after 5hrs of jungle hiking this afternoon before this rather epic challenge ahead. But alas, the show must go on, so Dan and I went for supper (including a cheeky vino) before being picked up at 11:30pm to be dropped off at the foot of the volcano. Our group is 7 in total: 4 Germans, an American lady and us two - enough people to talk to whilst walking for the next 10hours or so. As we set off, it rapidly comes to my attention that my head torch doesn't work. Great. Even though my mother made me eat loads of carrots when I was younger, some light whilst walking a volcano through the night would have been useful. It's a ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete April 20th 2015

The most wonderful alarm clock wakes you up here - a dawn chorus like no other. These birds are right outside the window, a singing away in the trees - it's something I won't forget! Over a pancake breakfast, I meet Oliver - an awesome Canadian who tells me about his time in a hostel called Lost and Found, and who's at a loose end this morning, so I try to persuade him to come on a coffee farm tour. It worked, and alongside and American couple and a Dutch lady called Evelyn, we went to the coffe... read more
Living on the edge!!

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