Terrabona Time Machine

Published: July 21st 2008
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The name says it all ´good land´
I spent the last ten days in the small town of Terrabona. I decided to return to the community where we had stayed as a group. While many towns in Central America are jumping on the tourism bandwagon, Terrabona is content with its mule drawn wagons loaded with produce for sale. I find that it reminds me alot of what I imagine the old south to be like, where families sit out front under the eaves in the long hot hours of the day and kids run and play in the streets. It is a place where everyone seems to know eachother. A place where you can still get a soda in a glass bottle for 35 cents and kids save their coins to buy the 5 cent candy at the corner store. Where the main modes of transportation are by horse or bicycle and you can count the number of cars on one hand. And after a thurough beating in the washbin, clothes hang out back on the barb wire to dry. It is a place where most people still cook on wood fires and they have a way to fry up almost anything. It´s a place where on a hot sunny day without a cloud in the sky thunder cracks its warning and the heavy rain rolls in in an instant. Everyone retreats indoors until the pavement is cooled and the crops are watered and as quickly as it started the rain is gone again. It seems like Terrabona lives in a different time. I find it comforting, the slow pace of pure life.

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Retreating from the RainsRetreating from the Rains
Retreating from the Rains

Jordy and Tati wait for the rains to pass
Man on a Brown HorseMan on a Brown Horse
Man on a Brown Horse

Hey it may not be a white horse but in a town of 800 you have to take what you can get!

23rd July 2008

simple life
I totally get why you are attracted to the people of this village, especially the kids. Your pictures are great and you are obviously having a great time with them. I love the stories of the community and how they welcomed you in with open arms. I hope you continue to find open and honest people that allow you to experience life through their culture. The food sounds yummy too!

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