On the Road Again

Published: July 11th 2008
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Today I am back in Managua after two days of travel. I left Cahuita early on Thursday on a bus headed for Managua. About half way there our bus broke down so we waited on the side of the road to try and catch a ride on the buses passing by. Each bus was only able to take a few people but by the third bus we were all on our way to San Jose again! The rest of the ride was a rather uneventful journey standing in the isle of a bus named Marcopolo. My traveling seems to go much like a game of marcopolo. I call out and I cet responses in all directions, which are both helpful and confusing. However, in the end I always seem to make it to my destination even if I am not quite sure how I got there. I have found that my days of travel are always filled with suprises and I have learned to approach them with flexibility and a good book.

Then after one night in San Jose back at Tranquillo I left early in the morning for a direct bus to Managua. However the station for the bus listed in my Lonley planted guide was not exactly acurate. So I took a taxi from that station across town to another station but they didn´t have a bus to Managua until tomorrow. I was out of luck once again so I started to walk while I tried to figue out my next move. About two blocks away I look up and see the station of the bus line Trans Nica. I figured that that was a good sign. I was able to get a direct bus to Managua leaving at nine. This was great! A direct bus, which ment that it would be quicker, and leaving at nine in the morning, which ment that I would arriving during the day. Suffice it to say we still spent hours at the border and didn´t arrive in Managua until about eight (way past sunset). I then caught a taxi to a hostel in the Barrio Martha Quezeda (or cheapside). I paid the taxi, he took off, and then I found out that the hostel was full for the night. The owner kindly took me down the block and found me a place to stay at a little hospedaje. It was just what I needed. It was about the size of a closet but it had a bed and that is all I needed.

I have had some request to talk more about daily life including places I eat, things I do, and people I meet. So here goes! I have been trying to conserve money and expenrience local culture so I have been enjoying a number of local dishes. El Plato Del Dia is the plate of the day and can be found a most eateries. The Plato usually consists of rice, beans, salad, grilled chicken or beef, and fried plantains. One of my favorite things though is the empenadas filled with your choice of cheese, chicken, beef, of potato. I had forgotten from my last trip here how much they fry things. You can find almost anything fried and it is AMAZING!!! I also splurged on a few touristy eateries in Cahuita and had the most incredible banana chocolate filled crepes of my life. I also had a wonderful Carne Asada y papas dinner in Cahuita.

At the hostels I have met people from all over the world. Including Canada, England, Italy, Holland, Israel, and of corse some other Americans. We have had some good conversations about each others travels and good places to visit within Central America. Everybody that you meet is doing something different for different lengths of time so it is great to hear what and where they have enjoied best within Central America. While I was in Cahuita I had dinner with a girl from Israel and we talked for a long while about our different travels. It has been great to talk with people from all over the world and hear about their experiences.

I was in Cahuita for almost a week and it is a very small town. By the end there were people that I knew by name and saw almost every day. I really enjoied the relaxed pace and friendly carribian atomosphere. My spanish is getting me by but I would really like to continue to improve upon it. I am going back to The small town of Terrabona today or tomorrow and I think that this will really help my spanish skills. They were all so patient and the kids loved helping us with our spanish. Terrabona doesn´t have internet so my posts will become far and few between. I am planning on traveling to the town on Ciudad Dario about once a week to post and check email. I hope that you are all doing well and are having a good summer.


13th July 2008

Hi Jen, How was your stay in Costa Rica? Did you travel around much there and were you able to hook up with Melissa and her group there? Now that you are back in Nica do you plan to stay around Managua or are there more long bus rides planned? Sounds like some serious beach time is in order. I'm guessing you're getting a pretty good tan by now. While reading your blog my mouth began to water when you wrote about the food there, it sounds wonderful. Did you get any photos in Costa Rica? We all missed you on the 4th. Mal did set off 2 big blasts in your honor. Next year she is going to be part of the Event Staff!! Jen I think of you every day and wish you safe and happy travels. Love, Dad

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