Days 39-40, Los Brasiles

Published: October 25th 2015
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The journey to Surfing Turtle Lodge involved a 2.5km walk in the midday sun with a heavy backpack, to a bar to get the boat across the river, then horse and cart took our bags while we walked behind to the lodge.

Once we arrived and we're checked in, we were asked if we'd like to help release today's turtle hatchlings - big YES.

Surfing Turtle Lodge works with local people to save turtle eggs from being eaten, buying eggs at above market rate and reburying them in their sanctuary, releasing them into the ocean when they hatch. Since they opened they have released over 15000 turtles (mostly Green Turtles), and by protecting the eggs from poachers and predators, the chance of the turtles hatching and reaching maturity is increased tenfold.

On the beach, watching the baby turtles make their way to the ocean was incredible - and as another nest hatched the next day, we got to do it twice! Such a highlight to my travels so far 😊

Other than releasing turtles, the lodge was beautiful and relaxed, and we got some beach and ocean time in the sun. Could have definitely stayed longer!

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