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Published: October 11th 2010
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Sometimes I cannot believe that I actually live in this Central American country. It has been raining and raining and raining since we came home from Managua on Friday. Like, the pants (7 pairs, 3 mine) that I washed, in the rain, on Saturday morning, are still damp. I am wearing one of them now, and my butt is wet. Fun times. Luckily, we live up on a mountain, so no worries about floods!

Tomorrow is my birthday. After the internet I am headed to Pali to buy a lot of chicken legs and wings so my family can make friiiiiied chicken and NOT chicken soup for my birthday tomorrow.

Today, thankfully, it is only continually sprinkling and not outright raining.

Vilma and Bernardo are still in Managua at the hospital.

OH! And last Wednesday Lenin and I went and submitted our I'130, or a petition for a family member to start the process of his visa business. I also turned in my application for my personal passport. Thursday was spent going to various offices and getting the rest of the papers to comply with the consular{s request.

The embassy called yesterday. Our I-130 was approved! And my passport is ready. LOVING the turnaround time here! What is that, three working days? Annnnnnnnnnnnd to submit the affadavit of support, which costs $70 USD? Yeah I asked about that on the phone when the consular called.... there is no fee to submit the papers here in Managua!

Yesterday was a good day.

Okay, movie updates. Shrek 4 is awesome. Much better than Shrek 3. Machete by Robert Rodriguez is also a great buy! And, last but not least, for any Harry Potter fans, you have to check out this link for the 7th book movie that my brother forwarded to me (thanks ben!)


28th September 2010

Miss you, but not the lluvia.
Rainy season! Can't believe you are almost done with your service girlie! That is loco. I am loving that you are still faithfully updating us all with your blog posts and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I do believe electricidad was the best birthday gift a girl could ask for en Septiembre no? Que suete que tu recibiras pollo frito tambien! Te extrano muchisimo chica y ojala que pueda visitarme con tu NUEVO ESPOSO!! en LA/ los EEUU muy prontisimo!
30th September 2010

Most days,...neither can I! Time is like that,...and we're made to 'see' it that way, I guess! Some days, it's like I can just FEEL you, SMELL you, HEAR you like you were right here in my arms as a newborn; other days, it almost seems like that was in another lifetime somewhere. I can picture you at every age....each and every single one!! And, know what?? Each and every one has been even better than the last!! I'm sometimes just sad that, as life goes, I have missed seeing you go through the STAGES of your ages!! BUT,....you've always been so very good at communicating and keeping us up-to-date on what you thought we SHOULD know!! Ha! Now, 28 years old and married; I was 28 when I had you, my Molly. Hope your 28th year is every bit as perfect as mine was!! Love you!

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