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Published: November 30th -0001
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The rain stopped. We have had three whole days of cloudless bright blue sky.

Mail shoutouts! I received two birthday presents in the mail today. One big blue envelope from mom and an envelope from Aunt Lori! Thank you!

October is kind of a non-month... like 2009 was a non-year. Everything was centered on September, and now on November since Nov 19 is my last official day as a Peace Corps volunteer. Most of my coworkers will be leaving in the first and second weeks of November. I will be staying through Christmas and Lenin and I will come home sometime in January.

My mind is still warring between Nicaragua and the USofA. I am excited and apprehensive to return to the States. Excited because of the new possibilities, and apprehensive because of the new possibilities. Also, I am already dreading the question of ¨So, how was Nicaragua?¨or ¨So how was the Peace Corps?¨ Those one line questions that couldn´t be answered in a 2 minute run-in at WalMart. That probably couldn´t be answered in a 2 hour sit down dinner, either. More specific questions will garner more specific answers.

Taking care of business today. Already went shopping at Palí and am now in the interweb checking out when my deferred student loans kick back in. That sucks. My five year reunion has come and gone and I still have loans. Thus, I am also searching for federal jobs so I can pay that business off in my first year back.

I should update my resume while I´m at it.

Okay, bus is about to depart and I still need to get to the market to buy the vegetables.

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14th October 2010

Molly, we need an update,
Please, need an update on Vilma, her surgery date?, Bernardo. Please hugs from us to Lenin and both of his parents.

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