Leaving Atlanta spring behind

Published: April 7th 2008
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Spring break 2008 and we are off to Nicaragua; leaving our beautiful Atlanta spring behind. So far we have been fortunate to be getting a more normal amount of rain and the plants are rewarding us. And sure enough it's rainy and fog as we take off

No matter how many time i fly, I still enjoy popping above the clouds. We had a uneventful 3+ hour flight to Managua. Tried to get a picture of the volcano as we approached, but on wrong side of plane and then a cloud concealed the view. The inactive volcano and lake are adjacent to Managua.

On the way to lunch, our "tour guides" took us through the area of the 1972 earthquake, which pretty much wiped out the town. Very little has been rebuilt except for small businesses and housing. Managua is much smaller than I expected.

As we worked our way to Maria's parents house we stopped at various shopping opportunities. There are banners all over the place advertising variuos businesses and events...to our surprise even one welcoming Steve & Ruth!!

Maria's parent house is very comfortable with a beautiful garden surrounding it ... perfect setting for Martin & Maria's wedding party a few years ago. It's fun to see the family pictures, including Maria in her teenage years and her Father bullfighting.

Their yard is beautiful filled with exotic flowers and the sounds of the tropical birds...a perfect place to relax in the hammock as we prepare to head to the office....Maria's mother's reference to the local casino.

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