On el moto to Laguna de Apoyo

Published: November 27th 2006
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We decided half-way through our lessons that we needed a day off to absorb and take a break. So we decided to head out to a crater lake nearby. A friend of ours from UVic named Sophie has a cottage on this lake and urged us to go out there and check it out.

So we got up early one morning and rented a little motorcycle. With the two of us on board we cruised out to the crater and attempted to find our friend´s place. After some wrong turns and some really rough gravel roads that we should not have been on, we finally found her place.

Laguna de Apoyo is a beautiful volcanic crater lake with CRYSTAL clear water. A super nice place. Needless to say we spent the day lazing around, swimming (although there is not much relief in the warm waters) and working on our tans (almost there). Sophie´s family has got the right idea owning property on this lake and I urge anyone who comes down here to check it out for yourself. Thanks Sophie!

Best story of the day. On the way back into Granada we were driving around looking for specific store I had to go to and if you´ve ever been in a developing country you know how traffic works - any way possible as long as it keeps moving, no regard to the rules of the road (if any exist). Well we finally found the store (there are no building numbers in C.A.) which was on the opposite side of the street, so I busted a simple little U-turn and slid into a parking spot in front of the store. Well of course you can guess it by now, I got observed by a policewoman who issued me a ticket for perfoming an illegal u-turn - what are the chances eh? Haha, good thing that the cheaper standards of living down here also mean cheaper tickets ($12). I think I can afford this one, just this once 😉 So don´t go commiting any u-turns while in Nicaragua you hear?

Additional photos below
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Hot WheelsHot Wheels
Hot Wheels

Check out our sweet ride. RC Moto 125cc. Craziest bike EVER!
Sophie´s PlaceSophie´s Place
Sophie´s Place

Ben with the groundskeeper.
Ben and the Evil GooseBen and the Evil Goose
Ben and the Evil Goose

This cute little goose was the most aggresive bird I have ever met. He must be their number one security guard.

27th November 2006

not fair....it looks beautiful
we are back in CO....it is 22 degrees F outside, so only about -6 C... and you two are still living it up in the sun in Nicaragua! Thanks for the fun together, we will look forward to hearing all about it as you go! Buenos Nachos right?!
28th November 2006

Lucky Kids
HEllo my LITTle Sis, and Benjamina Glad to see you're having a great time.... I miss you both.. Great Job Ben on eating that pork stuff. And good job Nas on not eating it... That sounds horrible....Chris says Hello, and is glad that you're having a good time... I can't wait to see more pictures.... I love you both..... Your big sis Titia
2nd December 2006

Nice place to visit
One of the ladies on our China trip is working on a blog now. This is a great way to keep in touch. How are you uploading your pictures? I just finished an Alpine Touring trip into the McGregor mountains. Beautiful country and my 1st crack at alpine skiing. Would have been a great time except for freezing the tips of 8 of my fingers. Poor clothing for the event. Had 24 KM to do by skiidoo and 5km of climb (2200m vertical) They are numb still but still hanging on. Think your climate choice would have suited me better. Cheers and good health Uncle Bob
3rd December 2006

Have one for us!!!
Well, Ben and Nas - it looks like you are having a grand time. Wish we were there or even where we were a year ago. Such are the breaks.
11th December 2006

minty hellos
hey guys! Sounds like you both are perfecting the simple art of contracting food poisons - well done. I wish I could send you some plain, dry bread to help you through these trying times. Soda crackers anyone? Anyways, Christmas time is upon us - although it doesn't feel like it at all. Nastassia I miss you like crazy. Ben, take good care of her for me. Isn't it rad, Titia is emailing now! She sends me emails at work that crack me up - she's so animated, it's great! love you both. dmar.
15th December 2006

hey pup
hey pup, I miss you guys too... i am defently feeling better now. Its nice to eat a meal and feel confidient you will hold it down. We got into Santa Teresa the other night. We will be staying at the funky monkey until the new years(Santa Teresa is just north of Mal Pais). We managed to score this sweet loft for christmas. Eric should be coming into town today. Talk to you soon... luv nastassia

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