Takin´a Break: Granada, Nicaragua

Published: November 27th 2006
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San Juan del Sur to Granada

Well we´ve been lounging around, taking in all the sights, smells and sounds in this old colonial town of Granada. After spending a few great days checking out the sights with our friends Jenny and Nate, it was time to bid them ¨adios¨ as they had to head back home. We decided that this was a good place to stop for a couple days and take a few spanish lessons. Our feeling is we need to at least be introduced to the basics of the spanish language so we can comunicate effectively.

Granada is a colonial town that is 400 years old. Being a colonial town, all the buildings are constructed connecting each other which gives it a very maze-like feeling when attempting to navigate it. All the buildings have an inner courtyard that sports a little garden, ideal for that tranquil afternoon siesta on a hammock! The middle section of town is quite beautiful, with no shortage of colourful walls and lots of old colonial architecture. There is a bustling morning market near the downtown core. On a little foray one day out into the outskirts, I realized that most of the residents of this town actually live in
Jenny and NateJenny and NateJenny and Nate

We meet Jenny and Nate Scuba Diving in Tamarindo. We joined forces and went to Nicragar together. We are going out to some island for lunch.
poverty, with little more that four walls and a tin shack over their head. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America (after Haiti).

Some major highlights of Granada:
A boat cruise to Las Isletas - an array of hundreds of tiny, one house islands that are scattered just south of Granada on Lake Nicaragua.
Tasting the local delicacy of the area - ´Vigaron´ consists of deepfried pork skin served ontop of a heaping portion of boiled yucca (a type of root) mixed with cabbage salad. Probably one of the worst things I have ever tasted, Nate and I had to choke it down (purely out of curtesy) while the girls wouldn´t come near it!
A day trip out to Laguna de Apoyo - a crater lake that I will add a post about soon. Awesome place.

So with five days of spanish classes under our belts, we are now ready to go out there and takle the yet be discovered. I think we have the rules and basics down. Our next step now is to add some vocabulario and practico, practico, practico.

But I´ll stop rambling in words and let the attached pictures do the rest of the work for me.

Adios amigos!

Additional photos below
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Island LifeIsland Life
Island Life

This is typical of one of the islands that we saw on our boat tour to Las Isletas.
Cute GirlCute Girl
Cute Girl

This little girl was on a different Island than me but would yell, "Hola" at me and wave... SOOOO cute.
Group PhotoGroup Photo
Group Photo

This photo was taking at a historic fort in one of the towers.
In the bell tower.In the bell tower.
In the bell tower.

Trust me, it was VERY hard to resist ringing the bell...
Local BoxingLocal Boxing
Local Boxing

We were lucky enough to walk into a muti-field sports complex just in time to catch some boxing matches. The fieldhouse and four pitches were created by a Canadian grant.
Quiet GirlQuiet Girl
Quiet Girl

This girl was with her brother at the bus stop. Again, so cute.
Granada FortGranada Fort
Granada Fort

Don´t know the name for this, its the slit in a fort wall that you can shoot out of...
Old hospitalOld hospital
Old hospital

This was the hospital used during war-times. The place was just abondoned, even the old patients documents are still strewn all over the floors.
Cigar StoreCigar Store
Cigar Store

We passed buy a cigar store and felt compelled to take a look. We saw first hand how cigars are made and Ben could not resist to try one...
Cheap AdvertismentCheap Advertisment
Cheap Advertisment

Cheap and effective advertising in Granada. These mobile advertisements drive around the city all day BLARING ads at ear splitting decibels. Its sooo loud, its like a party driving by. And you thought that ice cream jingle was bad back home...
Ben and Little BoyBen and Little Boy
Ben and Little Boy

This boy was trying to entertain us while we were waiting for the bus. He really liked getting his picture taken and he really wanted one cordova.
Old But Used ChurchOld But Used Church
Old But Used Church

This church is not referbushed like the rest, but still used.
Nate playing kickball with the girlsNate playing kickball with the girls
Nate playing kickball with the girls

Nate jumped into a game of kick ball near the church. I hope he´s on my side...
Streets of Granada 4Streets of Granada 4
Streets of Granada 4

Old colonial archetecture.
Fly netFly net
Fly net

The morning light is catching the fly net to make it glow.
Birds-Eye view of GranadaBirds-Eye view of Granada
Birds-Eye view of Granada

A good view of the inner courtyard of a typical residence with the main cathedral in the background.
Streets of Granada 5Streets of Granada 5
Streets of Granada 5

Typical woman at work.
Road constructionRoad construction
Road construction

They are rebuilding the road. No heavy eqipment anywhere. Not the most effecient process, but when there is 50% unemployment, I guess it doesn´t matter.
Cheap BeerCheap Beer
Cheap Beer

This ones for Mike!

28th November 2006

Your dad will be proud of you Ben!
HI Ben and Nas, I love your photos - especially the one of you smoking the "Stogie" Ben. Your dad will love that one!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Can't beat the sun and sea!!! Keep the journals coming.

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