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If you are on the road to Granada, you need to stop at the mirador de Catarina. When you enter the city, there are many flower shops and that part of town is really beautiful. You can park for a few Cordobas neat the viewpoint. The view is splendid: Deep blue lake, in a crater and you are on top of it. You can see the whole lake from it. This is a very touristy place, with lots vendors and musicians, but it is pleasant anyway. Horse rides are available there to go down the lake if you wish, (you could walk down too). A couple of small hotels surround the lake with forest. We ate in a restaurant overlooking the lake. Real good view, but it's windy too! Next stop, Granada.... read more
laguna de apoyo
Horse rides available
laguna de apoyo

Following the hustle and bustle of Granada we decided to head out to Laguna de Apoyo which is a crater lake just outside to city. It's a beautiful spot to take a break for a couple days from the chaos of Managua or Granada. There isn't much in the way of transportation to get there. You could take a bus to Masaya and catch one of the two daily buses that head to the lake, or one of the couple shuttles/tours that go directly from Granada (there must be shuttles/tours from Managua but that wasn't the direction of our travel so we didn't look into it). We opted to take the afternoon shuttle out, which conveniently departed from our hostel, so we could do a little more running around in town. When we arrived it was ... read more
Hostel Paradiso

Laguna Apoyo is the largest crater lagoon in Nicaragua with a surface area of 2,110 hectares and is part of the Nicaraguan volcanic chain. The crater is considered to be a sleeping volcano and was formed approximately 23,000 years ago, after a strong volcanic explosion left a hole six kilometres in diameter. The water is the most crystal clear out of all fresh water bodies in Nicaragua and a leafy forest covers the slopes of the crater. Laguna Apoyo is very close to Granada, only a 30 minute drive. We took a transfer and arrived around 3:30pm but unfortunately the afternoon rains had started so we had to wait until the next morning to see the lake in all its glory. We spent the next two days enjoying the lake and relaxing. Each morning we got ... read more

13. 8. Granada Nach einer langen Fahrt (2 Stunden im Stau!)mit dem Taxi von Matagalpa nach Granada, bezogen wir unser Hotel in Granada. Ein wunderschöner Kolonialbau mit Innenhof und Pool. Ana Zavala und Maru – zwei ehemalige Studentinnen von uns – haben uns dieses Hotel gebucht und auch sonst die Organisation der nächsten Tage übernommen. Wir freuen uns schon sehr, wenn wir die beiden treffen. Der erste Abend in Granada sollte aber auch noch sehr lustig werden. Kaum zu glauben: Wir sitzen beim Abendessen und am Nachbartisch sitzt eine junge Frau und ich denk mir noch, das Gesicht kommt mir bekannt vor. Plötzlich dreht sich der junge Mann daneben um und wir sind wirklich überrascht: Zalatimo, ein ITH-Student vom Vorjahr aus Jerusalem sitzt am Nebentisch mit seiner Freundin, die hier von Granada ist. Wir haben kaum ... read more
Musiker Granada
Hotel Dario - Granada
Frühstück im Hotel Dario in Granada

I visited Apoyo as a day trip from Granada. Hotel Oasis (which I recommend) in Granada offers "free" day trips (10 AM - 3 PM) to their hostel, which is right on the shore of Apoyo. The roundtrip in a van is 6 USD and it takes more like 45 minutes rather than the advertised 20. If you have a sunny day, I definitely recommend taking this day trip. The lake is clear and blue, and the water temperature is perfect. There is a floating dock about 50 meters from the beach all visitors get a free hour and a half with a kayak. They also have a fairly-priced snackbar and comfortable chaise lounge chairs. The lake is bigger than it looks. A few of us paddled for about a half an hour and didn't even ... read more

I got lost in Nicaragua today because things don't always go as planned. I had information that I could camp at a place called Centro Ecoturistico La Máquina. There was alleged to be a pretty waterfall here with good swimming in a pool below the falls. This sounded like a fine way to beat the heat so I wanted to check it out. I arrived early in the afternoon to find the place mostly deserted. The manager on duty told me that he didn't know if I could camp and that he would have to discuss the matter with the owner. I went swimming in the meanwhile after I paid the nominal entry fee and enjoyed a dip in coolish water. The falls and swimming hole were nice but I've seen better and the water wasn't ... read more

At the crater lake I finished my final two dives of my Open Water certification with my excellent diving instructor Fidel Lopez. He's been a great teacher both with theory and practice. I feel completely confident in diving now and am excited about diving in the future. Check out his website and services at The bottom of the lake (in an extinct volcano) was very soft and you had to be careful not to stir it up by touching it. Get the buoyancy right! We saw blind fish and many crabs. Not quite as good as my dives in the Pacific off Hermosa Beach in San Juan del Sur. There I saw a spotted eel, a moray eel, a sting ray, lots of lobsters, star fish, schools of fish and it was a great introduction ... read more

Hi everyone! We have been busy getting situated in La Mariposa Ecolodge and have been taking Spanish lessons. Rich has been studying hard, but I have doing my best to just shoot the breeze with my teachers and so am not really utilizing my time well. We arrived late Wednesday and took classes Thursday and Friday. Today we had a field trip to Laguna de Apoya which is quite warm because of the underground warm springs that come up into the lake. The lake was really clean, but Rich noticed that there was a real absence of waterfowl and birds on the lake. It was a very large group of people who came from La Mariposa and this was a little hard for loners like Rich and I. We did swim for quite a while and ... read more
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My ideas of what I was going to do this week changed over the weekend. I couldn't decide if I should go to the north for the mountains and cooler weather or go to León for some culture and beach opportunities. I ended up staying at Laguna de Apoyo. León during April is one of the hottest places in all of Central America. I couldn't do that. I can hardly stand the heat here sometimes--it's quite hot today. So then I debated going north to Matagalpa or Estelí per Pablo's recommendation. But I only had 3 days. The time lost due to travel and the heat and the fact that this place is a great place to be made my decision obvious to me, in fact I sort of had an epiphany during what I thought ... read more
The place
Una Asosación

After many months of good intentions we finally got around to organising a short stint of volunteering through an organisation called Proyecto Mosaico, based in Granada, Nicaragua. With one of their partner projects based at an ecological research station by a lake in the middle of an ancient volcanic we just couldn't put it off any longer. Upon arriving at Reserva Natural Laguna de Apoyo we found that our volunteering place, 'Estacion Biologica' also doubles as a Spanish language school, which was fantastic as it meant much more people to socialise with by night and practice our own Spanish with. While we were there, there were two other volunteers - Kelsey and Kimberley from Oregan in the US. With no research work being undertaken at the site during our period of stay the main task at ... read more
one of many tropical plant species we came to know
Jen peelin' some seed pods
just some of our seed collection getting some sun

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