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Published: July 5th 2009
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Jamaica is one of my favourite ports simply because there are so many gorgeous places you can go to. I listed all sorts of options to Mel and Jess for our day there and they picked the Blue Hole.

Tours are not offered to the Blue Hole. It's not all finished with a snack bar or souvenir shop or even washrooms. It's left completely untouched. And that's why I love it there.

I went last year while on the Liberty with some other crew members. Generally it's just crew members who go there, because we learn about it by word of mouth from each other. It was one of my favourite port days I've ever had so I was very excited to take Mel and Jess there.

It took a bit of convincing to find a driver to take us. It's farther away than the typical tourist stops so any driver who takes you has to spend the whole time with you out there. One tried to scare us off saying it was "dangerous" because she'd had a couple have their money taken out there - but really, if you leave your stuff unattended anywhere that's a risk right? But we didn't have valubles with us, found ourselves a driver willing to go and we were off.

The Blue Hole is about a half hour drive away from the cruise pier in Ocho Rios, along part of the White River. Having been on many tours around Jamaica since the first time I went to this spot, I had a much greater sense of where we were - and I couldn't believe how close it is to other spots I've been to! Our driver wound along back rounds past villages and through forest then pulled down a gravel lane. We stopped seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But I recognized where we were and knew that just behind the trees at the edge of the road was a little spot of paradise.

There is a small clearing in the forest where the White River flows over water falls and pours into a bright sparkling blue water hole. Mel, Jess and I swam in the water and explored in the caves under the falls. Both of them took turns on the rope swing and jumping off the falls. The current was much stronger this time compared to when I'd been before making it much more challenging to swim right up to the bottom of the waterfall. I loved just floating on my back looking up through the trees to the sun shining and the clear blue sky. Like I said, paradise.

After some time there, we walked farther upstream along the river. There is another set of falls where you can also swim and climb or run and jump. I was crazy enough last time to run (well, timidly make my way down) the falls and jump off. Not this time. Once was enough. Mel and Jess didn't care for it, so they just explored around the falls themselves more. Then we hiked even farther up, enjoying more of the water and the scenery there.

The same local guy, Kevin, who showed us around last year, met us today. I liked that.

The girls loved it and I'm glad. It's such a beautiful spot.

Back in Ocho Rios, the girls we had some lunch on the ship. Then the girls went off to do some shopping while I headed to work for the afternoon. Only one more port day until they'll be leaving me . . .

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3rd August 2009

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful place on eath, great people, food, entertainment, exhilarating views of the Caribbean Sea.
9th December 2009

Need infomation
Hi Jeanette, My name is ALicia McCalla, I doing a TV program in Jamaica called Hidden Treasures. I was researching falls in Jamaica for the show and came upon your blog in Google search and found the Blue Hole very interesting. I realize that its virtually unknown to the average Jamaican, and that there aren't many avenues of research for this beautiful place. However i would like to know if you would be able to share more information on the Blue Hole or help me to make contact with someone who would be able to give me the information I need for my research. Your help will be truly appreciated. Looking forward to your response. Walk Good!
2nd February 2010

Hallo Jeanette, I am Suzanne - Jamaican. I have been trying to find the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios for the past 28 years! There is one in Portland (I hope you will get the chance to see that one). I used to go hiking twice a month in my teenage years, all over the island, and would like to start doing so again. If your could email me some of the spots you have been to I would greatly appreciate it. I will now rack my brain to remember places you can also visit. ps Have you heard of Mayfield Falls in Westmoreland? It is about ! 1/2 hour drive from Montego Bay - if you love White River you will love Mayfield. Take care and walk good.

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