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I think someone had Jamaicans in mind when the word cool was first defined in the English language. For a tropical country in the Caribbean, there seems to be cool ice running through their veins. These cats are the real deal; and the reggae rhythms, the fist bumps, the languid strides, and the easy rapport of Jamaicans are really starting to win me over. I had a level of apprehension before flying into Kingston, but now that I have settled in and had the chance to explore some of this magical island I'm beginning to understand the great appeal the tropical island of Jamaica has for so many travellers from around the world. The commutes are effortless, cheap and well organised, and the accommodation options and commitment to customer service make Jamaica an island to put ... read more
The Blue Hole
Stream at The Blue Hole
Palm trees on the beach

So I intend to kind of backtrack as I go here, starting with my most recent trip and going back from there. This was the first time I have traveled out of the country since having children and I had heard warnings from other parents about how hard it would be to leave the kids..... I can tell you I survived! Not only did I survive, but i think it made me appreciate everything about the vacation even more! Traveling B.C. (Before Children) you have a great time and you relax, you might do some exploring excursions etc, but after children you see all these experiences with a new point of view. Suddenly you realize that for the first time in a long time you can go at your own pace, you don't have to pack ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios January 21st 2013

These are some pictures and a video from the day of Anniversary Party. It was our last day at Couples and great way to end the week there. Note: The site is having trouble with video uploads. Maybe later?... read more
Getting Ready for the Party
Transformation of the Patio Restarant
Tower Island Ice Carving in Ice

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios January 15th 2013

Leona and I went to Couples Tower Island to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the opening of Couples Tower Island (our 35th was a few years ago!) formerly known as Couples Ocho Rios. Lots of memories here as we have been going since the 1980's. Things have changed since then but haven't we all. There is still that beautiful cove with Tower Island set in the middle and beautiful music and people. The anniversary party is Saturday and will post more pictures after that.... read more
Couples Tower Island
Couples Tower Island

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios September 11th 2012

November 2009 Our trip to Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios (Eight Rivers), Jamaica came as part of a shore excursion while cruising on the Island Princess. We were too timid to climb the falls, but wish we had after watching others, and seeing how easy and fun it actually was. There is a paved walkway and decking system beside the falls for those, like us, who didn't climb. For those who do climb, you need tennis shoes, or appropriate rubber soled water shoes, which are available for either rent or purchase inside the park. While you can climb the falls by yourself, most people opted for a guide. While climbing the climbers join hands, primarily for safety. In the groups we watched, no one fell. The worst part of visiting Dunn's River Falls Park is the ... read more
A View from atop Mystic Mountain

It's 11:30 AM on a Tuesday....have you had your first Lumumba of the day yet? Then you must not be in Jamaica, Mon! We spent 7 days at The Riu Ocho Rios with family and friends and had such a good time. We can highly recommend it if you think you will go. Almost a kilometre of palm tree lined beach (read: no fighting for beach chairs), great buffets, a Jerk Chicken hut, pools, gardens and fantastic staff. There was a coral reef 50 feet off shore (you could stand on a sandy bottom and look down at it) that we spent hours every day exploring with our snorkels. We only did one off-resort excursion. It started with a catamaran ride to a reef to do some snorkeling (snorkeling was actually better at our resort). Then ... read more
Wedding Day - All Scrubbed Up
Red Stripe
A Perfect Wedding Day

Arrived Ochos Rios midday by overland bus from Kingston - nice bus and trip with the road very narrow and mountainous. I have no idea how the driver did it. The hand on the horn approaching every corner had a very clear message - get out of the way. With a cruise ship in the harbour on arrival I knew we were going to be up against it (crowds) when visiting the Dunne's River Falls; didn't count on the whole of Jamaica starting school holidays two days earlier than scheduled. On the bright side we were able to get lost among the crowd to not be too much prey to the ever present souvenir hawkers. The falls climb was good although Lesia was not so sharing in my enthusiasm. The cruise ship left allowing us (we ... read more
Beach Ochos Rios
Dunns River Falls
Dunns River Falls

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios February 15th 2011

Jamaica is beautiful, Ocho Rios is tropical and I’ve never seen such clear waters! You can see to the bottom of the ocean! Ocho Rio's population: 14,000, Jamaica: 2.7mill. Jamaicans are generally Farmers or Teachers. They have two school sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, because there are just too many kids. Tamara(Serbia) and I went to a beach called Mahogany Bay, (I will add some pictures soon) did some kayaking and just spent the rest of the time swimming. We were also in Nassau, Bahamas, but I was working, so I couldn't get off, but it is just as beautiful there, can't wait to have my day off in Nassau ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios August 24th 2010

I am writing this blog on Microsoft Word, 37,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean heading towards Honolulu. It is our third flight of the day. We got up at 4am this morning and caught our first flight at 8.30am from Montego Bay to Miami, where we had a two hour wait before boarding the next plane. We then had a 5 hour flight from the east coast to Los Angeles on the west coast. Straight from one plane to an identical plane for the last leg of our flight, the five and a quarter hour journey to Hawaii. We have managed to snatch some sleep but we have been awake for 15 hours so far and with Shrek The Final Chapter blaring through my headphones you will have forgive me if this blog seems a little ... read more
Our galss bottom boat
Looking for fish
The Shipwreck

It's hard to believe we have been here in Jamaica for over a week now. One sunny day seems to roll into another as we lazily lounge around reading or lazily float about the pool on the lilos. Each day features a torrential downpour and rumbles of thunder but thankfully no more injections, yet! Rachel said to me that there is no point in putting up another blog yet but those of you who have spent more than five minutes in my company, surely know that I can and will talk about anything! Last weekend was a holiday weekend here and the villa staff (apart from the head of the house) had a long weekend off with their families and we were left to fend for ourselves... sort of! On August 1st Jamaica celebrates Emancipation Day ... read more
View from the Verandah
The subathers view
Saturday's Sunset

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