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Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril October 2nd 2015

This was the first day we'd left our Belmont bubble since we arrived and we were excited. So bright eyed and bushy-tailed that we woke up poor Gherti an hour too early (our phones were still set to Florida time) but we all got a little more sleep, despite the roosters. The drive there was much like the rest of Jamaica, unspeakably beautiful and we arrived outside of Negril beach just before 8 am where Gherti dropped us off for the day and off we went. It was the perfect time of day: too early for the heat and hustlers (or so we thought) and just in time for breakfast. We walked to a hotel restaurant on the beach where I ate aki fruit, breadfruit, and salt fish. It's the breakfast of the locals and it ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril June 21st 2014

It's been way too long since I blogged, but here we go again trying to catch-up on our travels. I wish I could start a blog by saying "so we've been planning this trip for a while". The truth of the matter is that we never plan any trips. We know when we are going to take time off, but generally we don't book plane tickets until about a week or two out. Skyscanner is probably my most favorite app in the world. Plug in departing airport, put in your travel dates and it will give you prices for any and all countries for your selected dates. Anything under $1,000 is acceptable and then wherever we do notneed a visa. Jamaica it was this time. About 3 days before departure we booked tickets and the day ... read more
Port Royal
Port Royal

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 26th 2014

Today we return to Miami for a couple of days to do a little shopping and to catch up with some friends we met on another trip. Our journey from Montego Bay airport to the hotel took about two and a half hours when we arrived here on Tuesday, so with that in mind we have booked our transfer back to the airport for 6.30am for our 11.30am flight. Our chef from the previous evening was waiting for us when we appeared from our tree house in his current multipurpose role as overnight security guard. The help he gave with the bags was very much appreciated for the short distance between our room and the hotel entrance. This being Jamaica, our lift to the airport did not arrive until about 7.00 am, so we had plenty ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 22nd 2014

As we were leaving St Maarten, George noticed what we thought was a rather large animal / critter bite on his stomach. It looked red and very angry, but at the time, did not hurt too much. Once we were settled into our Jamaican hotel on Wednesday, we made a visit to a local pharmacy and he diagnosed that it was possibly an allergic reaction to a bite and gave some steroid cream to put on it. The shop also helped us with some other counter products for this too. Over the last couple of days, the original bite area site has grown viciously and rapidly from his stomach around to his left hand spine in some very nasty deep oozing red blistered areas. It feels very sore, is preventing sleep and carries an intense bruised ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 21st 2014

We had decided to leave our one Jamaican tour for this day so that we could make it extra special. The trip we booked was to YS falls and it was an excellent day. We booked the driver for the day that had brought us from the airport on Tuesday evening. Our driver from the airport has a large comfortable mini bus with recliners. It was a private tour for just the two of us so the day was made very personal and comfortable. He picked us up at 8.00am. We originally thought this was a bit early, but later in the day it became very apparent why we left so early. The drive to the falls took us through many Jamaican villages and small towns and was very interesting to us to get an insight ... read more
Below the falls
Bottom pool
Lower levels

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 20th 2014

Theresa had been to Jamaica once before back in 1991 and one of the things she remembers is Ricks Café, but was in for a great surprise when she saw it again. The hotel where we are staying is across the road from here and we can hear the very loud music until about 1.00am most nights. Think the locals ignore the music as it brings other business into the area. It did not keep us awake at all. Reggae rules okay. Rick's Cafe was opened in April 1974. At that time, Negril was a sleepy fishing village with little development. It lacked many modern amenities such as electricity, telephone and hot running water. Ricks Cafe was the first public bar and restaurant of its type on the West End Cliffs, offering an alternative to Negril's ... read more
Parts of the original Cafe
Typical Jamaican
Jumpers from the top shelf

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 20th 2014

Late last night the hotel lost power around 10.10 pm , so we were unable to make teas and coffees this morning, and the showers we had were only luke warm, but hey this is Jamaica and acceptable. We thought we may pop over to Ricks Café for breakfast today, but were told by our hotel that it did not open until 12.00 midday. Instead we thought we would have a slow leisurely walk towards the village and see how far we got. After about 2 miles we found a typically Jamaican restaurant and got some breakfast. The other customers were a mixture of locals and tourists. Whilst there we called the driver that did our journey from the airport, as we want him to take us to Y’S Falls tomorrow for Theresa´s birthday. This conversation ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 19th 2014

Whilst George went off to get some cold drinks, water, and milk for the morning tea and coffee etc., Theresa did the unpacking. We are going to be very comfortable here for the next eight days. As we have had no laundry facilities since we left the cruise ship, we were pleased to see that they had a large washing machine here, and a line to hang clothes to dry on. We were originally told this was free, but were later told it was chargeable, but not sure how much. There is a still a possibility of no charges. We really do not mind. We did one load of washing whilst we got ourselves showered, and then put another load in to wash whilst we were out. We did not realise that this was the only ... read more
Our temporary home in Jamaica
Hot tub
Greeting us to the hotel

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 18th 2014

We are on the move again today. This time we are leaving St Maarten and going to Jamaica via Miami. As we have an 8.30 am flight, the owner of the apartment where we are staying said he would take us to the airport at 5.45 am. We were a little worried as he was a committed night owl. We were relieved to hear him arrive home from his night out about 3.30am, but when he met us at 5.40 am, he looked like he was slightly still asleep. Luckily the airport is only a 10 minute drive away. This was a nice ride to the airport in his spacious hummer vehicle. By the time we had deposited our bags and made it through security, it was only just enough time for one last cup of ... read more
Sunset from plane window 7pm
Sunset from plane window 7pm

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril December 17th 2013

Spent a week at Swept Away with fantastic weather, great food and entertainment. We hadn't been there since it was reopened as a Couples resort in 1998. It has doubled in size and but has retained its Jamaica jungle feel and has a great sports complex with 5 hard and 5 Har Tru courts.... read more
Swept Away
Bed art
Sea Grapes

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