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October 6th 2014
Published: October 6th 2014
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Hot springs and mud facials
Yesterday was an uneventful, but long travel day. Flights were on time, but the lines in Honduran immigration were almost 90 minutes long. Our drive from San Pedro Sula to Santa Rosa was close to 4 hours in a 15 passenger van, with 15 passengers. Not quite my new SUV, but it worked. The lush landscape and mountainous views made the drive interesting.

We checked into our comfortable welcoming hotel, "Hotel San Jorge". They provided a delicious dinner of chicken, beans and rice.

Today was a day to acclimate and explore the local culture. We started with an orientation to Habitat Honduras provided by our in country host, Luis. We reviewed the history of Habitat, safety concerns and learned a few 'Luisisms'. My favorite for today. . . "Remember to 'squeeze the lemon' before getting in the van".

We took an hour long drive through the mountains, while enjoying beautiful views of the landscape to the town of Gracias. In this Colonial town, we toured the local market place, an old church, an art studio and a shop that made fresh fruit ices. Max, our bus driver and guide provided great background

Look at their expressions
information on the history and local people. He also pointed out many different foods and other items in the local market place. Did you know they use limestone to soften corn kernels to make it easier to make cornmeal for tortillas? Hence, they are a good source of calcium.

Lunch was at a local artist's home. We dined al fresco on a traditional preparation of fish. Talapia wrapped is some leaf (I don't know what), and steamed with wonderful seasonings. The artist specialized in painting works based in mystical Linca beliefs. He had an entire exhibit of paintings based on ideas from local elementary school children. These were amusing, to say the least. I'm especially liked the one with the turtles.

We wrapped up our afternoon with a visit to a local hot springs. I've been to nicer, hotter, more therapeutic springs and mud baths. However, the water was warm, the people friendly and some locals helped us scout out some mud for our facials.

Tonight we head out for pizza and ceraveza. Tomorrow we begin our work. The team is excited.

Friends, if you read my blog, just leave a quick note so I know you were here. It lets me know I have an audience and encourages me to keep writing.


6th October 2014

Glad You're There!
So glad to hear that the travel portion went relatively smoothly. Now you can settle into something of a routine to work on home-building. Keep the blog coming as you find the time. It's always great to hear about your adventures. Stay safe.
6th October 2014

I love the turtles too
Sounds like a fabulous start, balancing good meals and learnings with the challenges of group travel. Thanks for introducing me to a great new "excuse me" phrase!
6th October 2014

Thanks for sharing the adventure!
Have a great week!
6th October 2014

Hope today will be a good one on the site.
6th October 2014

1st blog
Love following your trip!
6th October 2014

My Admiration
Michelle, I admire your dedication to Habitat. Thank you for the posts. I am enjoying all of them so far!
6th October 2014

Exciting trip. Love the turtle expressions LOL. Thinking the tilapia leaves were banana? Plantain?
6th October 2014

Day 1
Your day 1 was more fun than my day 1! Maybe I can come along on your next trip. Sounds like fun. Jeff
6th October 2014

Thinking of you. I hope things. Will move along in the right direction. See you when I get home.
6th October 2014

Your Honduras blog
Michelle, I am reading and enjoying your blog! Keep posting!
7th October 2014

Michelle's trip
Love your blog! very interesting about the culture and food. The water looks so cool and refreshing and glad yall had fun start. Now the most interesting is the picture of the turtles! I cannot believe that the idea came from the school children - hahaha- "me thinks" that the artist has a very good and humorous mind (and brush)!! Have fun and work smartly and keep your stories coming!
7th October 2014

Safe Travels
Love reading your blogs...and in true Andrade fashion always praying for your safety while out and about!
7th October 2014

Michelle-I'm glad you arrived safely. I do enjoy hearing about your travels, so keep up the good work.

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