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September 29th 2014
Published: October 3rd 2014
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While sitting in my cozy, comfortable home, typing away on my computer, packing the essentials for our trip, I am reminded again how fortunate I am to live the life I do AND have the opportunity to serve others. My last trip (18 months ago) to build Habitat Home in Honduras had a profound and lasting impact on my life. So much so, that when presented with the opportunity to train to be a team leader and take a group of people to Honduras to help build and advocate for affordable housing, I jumped in with both feet.

As a team leader my focus on this trip will be different. Although I will build alongside my team and our Honduran partners, my primary responsibility will be my team. Their safety is first and foremost. It is also really important to me, to do what I can to make sure everyone has a rich and rewarding experience. I hope they all come home as energized, exhilarated and exhausted as I did the first time. I've worked hard since marketing this trip to make sure everyone has reasonable expectations of what the trip will be like. However, we all translate what we hear within our own experiences, so there are bound to be some disconnects. I truly believe we have a committed team of flexible, positive individuals who will adapt as the situations change.

Our team practiced our unrelated carpentry skills on a local Habitat build last weekend. (in Honduras we will be working with masonry construction) I've included a few pictures. What I learned. . . is we all bring different skills to the table (build). My first impression - is it looks like we will have a hardworking team with complimentary skill sets.

I've asked each of our team members to take a turn writing a blog post to represent our team experience. Their posts will be published here. As time allows I will post my own personal blog each evening (dependent on internet availability and exhaustion level).

I've also challenged our team, myself included, to raise awareness and funds to promote the building of affordable housing in Honduras. This blog is part of my effort, as is this website where you can make a donation to support Habitat Honduras in honor of our work. To my friends who have made donations, your financial support will help move the effort to alleviate poverty in Honduras forward. You support of my efforts, warms my heart and lifts me up. Thank you.


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