Mud Bricks

Published: April 3rd 2013
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Stomping the mudStomping the mudStomping the mud

Mud + pine needles = material for adobe bricks
I am struggling with the internet connection tonight, more than other nights. It has been a long day with lots of hardwork and activities. Our first task on tyhe job site today was mixing pinestraw into mud. We use our legs while wearing way too big rubber boots. Think Lucy and Ethel stopping grapes, only a lot harder. I only fell once and did not do a faceplant but caught myself on my hands. It was hard work and a good workout for my butt, legs and abs.

Afterwards we took to the less strenuous activity of collecting pineneedles on a nearby coffee farm. That was a welcome pleasant reprieve from the hard physiucal labor. On the walk back with the pine needles, a local women invited us into her yard, where she had just finished baking hundreds of small sweet corn breads. We bought enough for the whole team to partake in the delicious, hot out of the outdoor oven corn breads. Yummy.

I spent the next part of the day bending rebar as instructed by the masons. This was very new work for me and it was also not too strenuous as we were able to do most of it in the shade under the tent.

We finished our work day moving another 300 bricks for the masons to use. That is dirty heavy labor, that leaves your muscles knowing they worked hard. My biceps are burning and I am black and blue. Wouldn´t trade it at all!

The village children came out to the site today again. I know we will see them everyday. Today I worked with a couple of local boys and we traded practice on English and Spanish. Pciture books and flash cards made the day interesting. As usual soccer and stickers were a big hit. We were able to get the Mariposa )butterfly) kite up and going today.

Once again, I am tired and looking forward to sleep. Hasta manana.

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Collecting pine needlesCollecting pine needles
Collecting pine needles

Agate and the future homeowner, Jessica
Luis and the ladies Luis and the ladies
Luis and the ladies

Collecting pine needles on the coffee farm
A typical ovenA typical oven
A typical oven

Outdoor, wood fired oven.

3rd April 2013

Good Job!
Michelle, I love your BLOG and truly admire the hard work you and your team are doing. Keep up the good work! I'll look forward to reading and seeing more pictures in your BLOG.
4th April 2013

You Go Girl!
Looks like you're having a very rewarding time. Can't wait to hear more about it when you get home. Stay safe and healthy. Don

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