First day building

Published: April 2nd 2013
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Today was a great day. We went to the build site. We began by introducing ourselves using our very best Spanish to the masons and their helpers. We were then assigned our tasks. Today: moving adobe bricks. Approximately 1100, 25 pound bricks, moved from the brick making area to the building area. Definitely got my workout in today. Other activities included gathering pine straw from the woods and mixing mud for tomorrow's brick making.

At noon the kids came home from school. They flocked to the job site where they enjoyed engaging with the "gringos". We played cards, coloring, jump rope and handed our lots of stickers. Tossing the frisbee and playing soccer were also fun. The kids ranged in age from 2-14. After 13, they leave school and go to work to help support their families. Marriage and babies of their own are not far behind.

After leaving the job site, we spent a couple of hours at an orphanage. 50 girls ranging in age from 4- 27 live with a handful of nuns. At first, everyone was tentative. But after about 15 minutes curious kids and adults alike began to interact. My iPhone was a huge hit for taking videos and watching instant playback over and over again. Others participated in hair braiding, basketball, soccer, singing, and just good hearted frolicking. The visit ended with hugs all the way around.

We wrapped up our da with a good meal of several Honduran dishes served family style in a local restaurant. To me for bed, as getting up early tomorrow will be tough, when our muscles let us know how they feel about all the hard work.

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2nd April 2013

Good day
Hey Michelle, Am enjoying reading about your trip. Don't forget your anti inflammatory for survival. Love the pics, especially of the little girl. Did you take that one? Thought I'd like to go do something like this but 25 lb. bricks would be too much for this old back. I'd have to pawn that task off on you. Opening Golf league is tonight. Sounds frivolous, doesn't it, from where you sit?... Take care and see you when you get back...Cris
2nd April 2013

I look forward to reading your blog. It sounds like an absolutely awesome experience. Interacting with the kids has to be the highlight of the trip. I know it would be for me. It will feel very rewarding, particularly after your muscles stop hurting (which may take a while)Have any recipes for Honduran food?

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