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Published: September 5th 2011
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So ... they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think what it really does is just helps you forget all the unpleasant things. This weekend the reality came back full force: flu-like sickness for two days; baby scorpions in the bathroom; a huge brown, hairy spider the size of my hand (ok, maybe the size of my palm), etc.

Thankfully I'm better today, just a bit weak and very careful with what I'm eating.

Tomorrow the plan is to go with Nahun and Aura to Guatemala for a Dr. apt, including an ultrasound and finding out if the baby is a boy or girl! 😊

We finished "painting" the inside of the little house. They want me to "move in" for my last nights here, but I'm not so excited about sleeping with fresh cement! Bad past experiences.

I was feeling well enough last night to teach a Bible Class to the kids at church. We had lots of fun, reviewing the Gospel Turn Around and then I gave a lesson on loving -- even our enemies -- with the story of Mefi-boset. The kids love the song "Una Via Hay."

This week I'm working on putting together an English menu for Aura for her comedor in the market. It's mostly Hondurans that eat there, but there are a few tourists that are a bit more adventuresome. I just printed out some of the photos I took last week of her several dishes, so it'll be a visual menu as well.

I've also been working with Daniel with his homework. His parents had a meeting with the teacher on Friday and they were VERY HAPPY to come back with a good report that he's doing well both behaviorally and academically during the first two weeks. My hope is that this will be a strong beginning to a good year in 5th grade!

Blessings! Hope to post some photos when I get back home!


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