Nicaragua to Honduras

Published: July 23rd 2008
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We got up at 6am and set of to the bus station for the 7am bus. we found our way to Ocotal and changed bus for the border crossing. We reached and crossed the border really easily and hit Honduras around 10am. This is where things got interesting. As soon as we crossed we saw 3 other backpackers who said the buses throughout Honduras we on strike, they had to pay $50 to get to the capital. We didnt like the sound of that idea so we walked to the main road and stuck our hand out. 3 cars later a truck came by and picked us up. we hopped in the back and had no idea where we were going. After 40 minutes he dropped us off in a busy town. After asking around we found we were in Danli but had no idea where abouts. We had a bite to eat and checked out a hostal which was $2.50 a night and was very very dark and seedy. I think we'll be moving on I said.

We managed to get picked up relatively easy again trying to hitch and the guy took us to the highway out of town and pointed us in the right direction. 90km to go to the capital. We were picked up along with 2 local hitch hikers and jumped in the back of the truck but he only took us around 30km before he needed to turn off. Another 10 minutes passed until a guy from Honduras who works in the states picked us up. He was going all the way to Le Cieba which was tempting as I was going to use that place as a jump to the bay islands but with no buses running I reconsidered and agreed Id stop at San pedro Sula which was the second capital near the Guatamala border. a 4 hour ride in comfort and a good conversation with Edwin the guy who picked us up he had to drop us off 50km from San Pedro. The the weirdest thing happened, he spoke to the police at the petrol station and said Ive sorted you a lift into the city with the Police. Result, although thats not quite what happened.

By now it was raining hard and the officer got his traffic cones and torch out and headed into the middle of the highway pulling cars over at random. It turns out the officer was trying to get us a lift to the city. 5 minutes later he told us to hop in the back of the truck and we were off. We spent the next hour lying on our bags trying to keep them dry whilst we were getting soaked by the heavy rain. The guy dropped us right in the central park area and didnt want a penny. A trip through the whole of Honduras for free.

San Pedro was a seedy place, we stayed for 1 night and didnt really like the place. Had a really dirty city feel about it but thats why we've been avoiding citys so far.


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