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Published: July 20th 2011
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The first dive of the day was at Mary’s Place, the first site I dove here in Roatan (crack in the reef). I was much more confident this time around and was able to observe the reef wall rising up along either side of my shoulders, cavernous and captivating. The highlight was the spotted eagle ray that glided along beneath us along the reef wall for a bit.

The second dive was at Anka’s Place, another wall dive. Apparently a large earthquake caused a portion on the reef to fall into the depths, so much of it was devoid of life. I’m sure it would be interesting to see the succession of corals as they begin to colonize the area again. Over the reef there were seahorses, lots of schooling fish, and a few medium-sized triggerfish (jet black with funky dorsal and anal fins that appear to flap like underwater flags, one of my favs). I must have swam through some stinging nettles (similar to jellyfish) because I surfaced with some itchy red welts, including one across my left ass cheek, pleasant.

The afternoon dive was at Little French Cay Wall. We finally sighted a hawksbill over the reef. The dive master attempted to grab it, but it swam away. It began to surface when we pursued it out over the open water so we waited, hoping to ambush it on the way back down. To our dismay, the turtle then took a huge dump over top of us and then zoomed away into the deep. Apparently sea turtles do have a sense of humor, along with a secret jet pack hidden in its shell.

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