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9th March 2014

Buddha shrine
Thanks for sharing your trip to Nihon. My son is in Japan for a few weeks & he just hiked to the Nihon Temple. I was curious to see it, so I got on the computer & typed in Budda carved in mountain, since my son could not remember the name of the place. His comments about his day hike to see the Buddhas sounded a lot like yours. He is at Yokosuka US Navy Base for a few weeks.
18th April 2012

Takaragawa and Minakami
Takaragawa is actually the largest outdoor onsen in Japan! There are plenty of other great onsens in Minakami but the scale of Takaragawa is awesome. Traditionally Minakami was just an onsen town but recently outdoor adventure sports are huge, especially during the green season. The rafting and canyoning are the most popular tours, but there is a massive range of adventures on offer.
21st March 2012

Keep the entries coming! I love your commentary, and can completely envision you shrugging at the Japanese ladies for directions. I'm sure the language skills will come with time, just keep with it. And super jealous of all the yummy food! I want to hop a plane and crash your man's place right now!
21st July 2011

Cool stuff
Its funny I heard from one of my martial arts buddies that its also a big thing in taiwan if you're a young white guy. Then the older ladies like to pay for you... Stay safe!
19th July 2011

You're killing me..
Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through your experiences. Had to leave way to soon. Look forward to your next update.
From Blog: diver down
18th July 2011

Editor's note
FYI they were epic face flops, not back flops. And I am still determined to nail the naked inverted dive!!! Haha, great times!
16th July 2011

Glad you are there and safe!!
Interesting story!!
16th July 2011

Love it! So happy to have my trusty dive buddy & assistant. We are going to tear this island to pieces! :)

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