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Published: January 19th 2009
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9 days in Honduras. Hours of waiting. Wrong turns. Upset stomachs. Undetermined bug bitters. Roosters crowing at every nighttime hour. interesting roommates. Sometimes I wonder why I travel. As I learned, it's not because I have excess money. Mary and I felt cheated paying $40 a night for a hotel room, but as soon as I got back to america, spending $10 at Wendy's somehow felt normal and acceptable. I think I travel to be frustrated, to be tired, to be challenged.

“To be a real traveler you must be willing to give yourself over to the moment and take yourself out of the center of your universe” ~Kent Newburn

Everything in this country is fast. Convenient. organized. And that is what I like about living here. Honduras was none of those things. While it was beautiful, more than the word can really evoke, it was in another word frustrating. Honduras forced us to slow down. Read more books, check our email less, go to sleep early. There was a great deal of waiting and at times we didn't know if we would have enough money to stay another night on the island of Roatan because the only atms
X-mas, Honduras styleX-mas, Honduras styleX-mas, Honduras style

Honduras had christmas lights, santa hats and excited children. What Honduras did not have was cold, snowny weather
we found weren't working. Living in a third world country takes practice and patience.

I think I travel for the reliance on oneself. And maybe for the community you create. I do it for the intensity you have in a relationship. Those people that you travel with, you cannot hold a grudge, you must depend on them, for directions, for a laugh, for toothpaste when your tube has run out. Those you travel with are apart of a special group that you hold close. You hold them close, and you hold the memories and those experiences even closer, because even if the travel may not be glamorous, it comes to define you. It puts everything in perspective. It puts you in perspective. And that is why I travel.

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Our beloved (cough, cough) roommateOur beloved (cough, cough) roommate
Our beloved (cough, cough) roommate

Alessandro, our roommate for four nights. It is true, I must confess, you meet some characters while you travel. Alessandro did not disappoint.
roatan's kidsroatan's kids
roatan's kids

They kept setting off firecrakers...scary all of us eating dinner, but clearly having a great time
toes in the sand.toes in the sand.
toes in the sand.

can't beat that in december.
Staying out of troubleStaying out of trouble
Staying out of trouble

There were no motorbikes on this trip. We have matured.

3rd February 2009

every now and then..
..i come across this little blog of yours. i like the way you write and think, and i want to go on record saying that you should TRAVEL that little bottom of yours out to DC! i saw carol and tim this weekend and basically told them you were coming within the month. so get on it girl!

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