Mayo!! In Haiti

Published: May 7th 2007
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Good morning too everyone, from Haiti

With now over five months under our belt here in Haiti.., we are doing great and all is well with us. Our living experiences keep growing and we are learning so much during our time here.

We have had so many touching moments here, from being invited to soccer matches and watching the game sitting on the ground surrounded by so many young children that it would be hard to count them all. So many of them asking how to spell our names and asking us to describe what it is like where we come from, to even just wanting to touch you, or hold your hand or touching our hair (they are amazed that our hair is straight and silky, unlike theirs). We are from another planet to them. We stand out in the crowd everywhere we go. As we walk along the street, so many call out Madame Annie!! Monsieur Eric!! Word travels fast in these areas and everyone seems to know us, however, most times, Annie and I look at each other wondering who that was!!. When I had my kidney stone attack, we went to Port Au Prince the next day for medical follow-up. You wouldn’t believe how many people from this village called us to find out how I was. These poorer than poor people spent the little monies they had in order to make a telephone call to me. It’s hard to put in words how touching this is… On most days, where we are moored in the bay in Grande Goave, the children row out to us to simply to say hello and to give us fresh mangos, coconuts or even papayas that they have climbed trees to get for us. For some of these generous children, most times its worth the row over because Annie might have some freshly baked cookies for them!! But for most time, it’s just to say hello!!!

For those who were wondering, as of this morning, I have still not passed my kidney stone, but believe me…. I have been drinking SO MUCH that this “birth” should take place in the next few days! Still drinking royal palm tree root infusions and taking lime and olive oil (along with some prescribed medications..hihi)!!! Will keep you posted…

Annie has posted a new recipe of the Month!! (Eggplant Lasagna),, and some new drawings in our artwork section… (this should all be updated shortly)..

Don’t be shy…. please keep posting your encouraging comments. We really enjoy reading them..


Annie & Eric
In Haiti

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Haitian sailboat Haitian sailboat
Haitian sailboat

Haitian sailboat transporting charcoal to Port Au Prince, with some five hundred, one hundred pound charcoal bags onboard, equaling 50,000lbs or 25 tons!! Imagine all this on a 40 plus foot wooden boat!!
Haitian sailboat Haitian sailboat
Haitian sailboat

Haitian sailboat transporting charcoal to Port Au Prince, with some five hundred, one hundred pound charcoal bags onboard, equaling 50,000lbs or 25 tons!! Imagine all this on a 40 plus foot wooden boat!!

7th May 2007

encore sous le soleil ????
vous êtes ben chanceux.... pis je vous écoute grace au net whow les merveilles de ce siècle... mais je ne reste pas longtemps et j'écris court car hje ne veux pas bloquer votre blog..... je suis ben content que vous ayez du beau et bon temps ... profitez -en après on est trop vieux Eric ... je t'avais demandé si tu pourrais poster les différents papiers (et les couts ) pour dédouanner a Haiti .... merci bebai Mario C
7th May 2007

Merci annie et eric de nous faire connaitre cette facette d haiti. Je dois partir cette semaine pour fajardo, P.R., convoyer mon beneteau 41, et pas etre si pressé a rentrer a new-york, je passerais vous voir....mais, on me repète que je dois travailler, de temps en temps. Tite-misère... Est-ce que vous monterez le cata au lac?? quand?? serge
8th May 2007

De Québec
C'est toujours aussi agréable de te lire. Dis-moi donc si tu as reçu mon courriel relativement à l'antenne WIFI ( Cheers!
9th May 2007

Hi Eric HI Annie! we love to read you and we love to see you're both still smilling , hope Erics birth goes well!! just saying a big hello here from canada and hope we will see you this summer?! we are getting ready to cross over to lake champlain wating for the water lets us pass, we wish you well ! WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK?!
11th May 2007

thanks for writing
I just wanted to say thank you for taking me away from my dull job with your blogs and beautiful pictures. I'm in my 6x6 cubicle, I can't even see a window from where I sit and reading about your adventures with Annie takes me to another place - even if it's just for a few minutes. I know you appreciate what you are living but just to be sure you don't start taking it for granted, I'll repeat - I'm sitting in a 6x6 cube with no daylight at all! YUCK. Thanks again for taking me away from this! :-) Good luck with passing your stones... I'll be praying that it's not the size of a grape!! All the best, say hi to my old friend for me. Izzy
12th June 2007

kijan nou ye? an fom? I am soon leaving haiti where I worked for 2 years and to make the departure easier, I dream of coming back by sailboat this winter... Its nice to read your positive comments...I just read sailing single handed around haiti and a lot is about the hasle with autorities...m ap swete tou bon bagay a yon ot soley William
23rd January 2010

i feel so bad thoso people they had died down in Haiti
20th February 2010

je vous aime
24th February 2010

guess what
ok so im a 10 year old girl and im in a middle school called Baldwin and we just got a couple of new girls and they r from Haiti and they do not understand anything we say and i am trying to find out how to say Hello, Hi and Welcome soo.... how??
30th September 2010
Pestel, Haiti

sa se kay madan gera.
27th January 2011
Downtown Pestel Haiti,,

whats new for pestel
i would like to build there

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