Kidney Stone In Haiti!!

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April 30th 2007
Published: April 30th 2007
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Kidney Stone In Haiti!!

It all started out on Sunday April 29th. I was feeling great when I woke up. Got up early, enjoying the sun rising to my east, but this day was to take an eventful turn. At around 8am we took a short car ride to get some fuel and this is when things started to go down hill!! At first, it felt like a bad cramp, so I decided to return back on board to try to do my business, in the hopes that this would eliminate the mystery cramp!! Man was I wrong! As the pain struck with avenges, I laid in our bunk trying to find a comfortable position for this pain to pass!! No way! Every moment that passed the pain got more painful with no relief in sight.

At around 9:30am, before I knew it, arrangements had been made, and I was whisked off to this Cuban Doctor’s home, practicing here in Grande Goave.. Well I have to say that I was happy to see this place, but let me describe the scene for you a little…

There I was, before this 5 foot tall Cuban Doctor wearing No Shirt, A pairs of Shorts, Flip Flops on his feet, and me lying on my back directly on the floor in his front entrance!! After a quick examination a diagnosis was given. I ether have a kidney stone or a Hernia! Proceeding to drop my pants so that he can inject a painkiller… all this on his front porch!! while on lookers where wondering what was going on! With a prescription in hand and the doctors orders to stay immobile and rest as much as possible, this very kind Doctor sent us on our way.. With Annie asking politely how much do we owe you?? And the response was in his best Creole & Spanish!! It’s Free!!! Even as Annie tried forcing over some Local Gourdes !! and he just refused it all together. Sending us on our way and telling us that if the pain continues to come back at around 2 or 3pm at the latest.

Upon arriving back at the beach with many awaiting worried locals, we re-board s/v My Love III, after which receiving the helpful advice of some local remedies!! Which is, Lime Juice with Olive Oil.. (believe me not tasty in the least) and an infusion made from Palm Tree Roots. All is supposed to do magic in passing this or these Kidney stones!!! (will keep you posted how things progress)..

Today Monday, April 30, we made the voyage to Port Au Prince, for a second opinion. With ultrasound, urine tests and the second opinion for another doctor, well it is confirmed!! I have a Kidney stone, and no hernia!! Hopefully for me this stone is not the size of a golf ball!!!

I must say that the hospital we went to in Port au Prince, of which I am still trying to remember the name of, is extraordinary. It was only inaugurated about 6 months ago and has very high tech equipment. I swear, from the time we arrived on Monday afternoon, around 1:15pm, I got to see a specialist in Urology, got the ultrasound (no I am not pregnant) and had a urine test and was all done by 3:pm or so. Very little, if any, waiting. Not what I had in mind, when I was thinking of a hospital in Haiti!! I was more thinking like I was going to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of patients in a very old Hospital. Don’t get me wrong this is the exception of the rule here,, as the Hospitals here are over-crowed. Thankfully for me, we lucked out with this facility.

Annie & Eric in Haiti

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1st May 2007

Hoping your feeling better! Not a fun thing to deal with. Thanks for sharing.
6th May 2007

Awaiting the blessed event
Hi Eric: Hope you are feeling more comfortable now and not in such pain. Have you picked out names yet. Hope you have a painless delivery. Luv you Mary
9th May 2007

Kidney stone!!
Hey Eric..........hope you are feeling better by now and your pain is all ''behind you'' so to speak! I have had a similar attack in my younger days and it is no picnic.........actually, my pain started at a very posh dinner, it WAS no picnic!! Anyway, get well soon and drink lots of water to flush that sucker out. Take care and Love to you and Annie....and remember, ''this too, shall pass''!!! Mary Lou.
4th November 2008

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