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Published: June 15th 2012
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On wednesday(the 13th) after having a nice breakfast we planned on visiting one more place in Palenque and then spend the night as the coach station to catch a bus at 6am to Flores, Guatemala.

On the way to get a collectivo to the center of the city our plans suddenly changed completly.

Well, we weren´t sure if we should tell you the whole story, as we know that some of you might call us irresponsible, crazy or just stupid. You can´t judge the situation from your perspective, therefore we want to tell you that (we think) we know what we are doing...

So here is the story:

We got offered a lift by two guys (one American and one Mexican) in a car to the center. Since they looked decent we accepted the offer. On the way it turned out that they also planned a similar route to Guatemala. After having a coffee together and exchanging our plans and advices we decided to travel together up until Flores. We were very excited about not having to sleep at the bus station and instead visiting beautiful waterfalls. In the evening we drove to a national reservoir with an amazing lake in the middle of the jungle -meaning: in the middle of nowhere. We camped in the forest right next to the water, with an amazing sunset, waking up to a beautiful sunrise. We had a lovely evening with a bonfire, sandwiches and swimming in the middle of the night in the lake.

The night however was somewhat more dramatic... At around 3am Tatiana got woken up by some terrible noises and sounds coming from the nearby forest. It sounded like a jaguar or other wild, dangerous creature. The imagination started to play up and the worst scenarious came to her mind. This resulted in the fear of falling asleep again until the bright morning.... -Two days later we heard that exact same noise again: what it was? Little monkeys!! ...sounding like lions 😊

The next morning we got taken on a boat trip by a local from the nearby village. He showed us caves with skulls and bats and he took us up the highest mountain to have the incredible view over the lagunas. Later that day we drove all the way to the Guatemalan boarder where we stayed overnight and left the car. In the morning we took a boat to cross the river to enter Guatemala. From the boarder it took another 5hours to reach Flores, where we are at the moment.

The busride was again amazing: Full of locals getting on and off the bus including chickens and a rooster.

So far everything seems great and Flores is another beautiful and colourful city situatied on an island within the country.

We will keep you posted and pictures will follow 😊

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