Jungle and Tikal

Published: July 22nd 2013
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So after a mini bus back to Guatemala city, dropped in the eveing at a strange bus stop we boarded a coach to Flores. The bus wasnt as nice as the Mexico buses but it was ok. The bus left at 10pm and arrived in Flores at 6am. The journey was pretty uneventfull, except for a check stop at 4am to confiscate any fruit on board the bus? Very strangem as we didnt cross any borders.

We arrived in Flores tired and were met by are taxi to take us to the small jungle town of El Remate. We had booked into a jungle lodge called Posada del Cerro. The place was pretty cool. A jungle hut with 3 walls the back was open to the jungle with a balcony on it. Fun by day but freaked me out a little the first night.

After catching up on a little sleep we went for a walk to town, only to find out there isnt really a town. There is a lake and one small main road with a few places along it. We are out of season so it was very, very quiet everywere. We had a bite to eat which was nice, saw some huge moths, lizards and a snake! Yes I always manage to find the animal im afraid of! We then returned to our jungle lodge which was a bit scary now i had seen all the animals about, also very noisy!

We awoke early at 3:30am to be collected by a company to take us to Tikal to watch the sun rice, sadly they mucked up and had booked us on the wrong tour so showed up at 5:30am so we missed the sunrise. We did get to do a tour of Tikal. It was very hot but not alot of people around so we got to see the place pretty empty. The temples were cool and huge. We got to see monkeys, crocodile, emeralde tucan, trantula and a few other animals. We then returned to El Remate just as a tropical storm started, not as much fun being in a jungle lodge with no power, no 4th wall and a big storm happening. But it ended by dinner time. This night I slept better as I have gotten use to the noisy jungle around me.

This was the end of our quick trip to the jungle. It was fun but if I came out of season again I would stay in Flores were there is more to do.

We packed up again and we are now heading to Belize....

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