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Published: September 29th 2007
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While travelling through the land of the Maya I had managed to find one of the Sacred Elders of Guatemala Tata Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj and his wife Elizabeth. They spend all their time wandering around the globe saving the earth by teaching others about theses Mayan Prophecies and how best to heal the world. Don Cirilo tells of the time of change that is now moving ever closer towards 21st December 2012. The suggestions are that on this day the Mayan Calendar will going back to zero. Wasn’t the Age of Aquarius meant to be replacing the Age of Stupid? Where ever we are and whatever we believe we will be transcending into a new more vibrant matriarchal cycle of nurturing after the last disastrous 2000 years of destructive patriarchal Pisces, let’s remember that this world is called Mother Earth and the cycle of man has not really worked too well so far, us ladies need to get back in the driver’s seat.

I found two Shamanic teachers who were once students of Don Cirilo, I rang Don José and Carla to see if they could see me. Shaman café is their spiritual boot camp where they prepare promising Shamaness, while maintaining a day job by running a chilled out restaurant and art gallery.

I loved Don José straight away, he walked with a heavy limp and told me of how he shattered his leg in thirty two places over thirty years ago, his Guatemalan GP had heard about the wondrous healing properties of water resistant super glue, he used it to glue the many shattered bones in his leg back together again, this took years to dry out properly. He may have been bluffing! Carla his wife is a very creative artist and mother of three. Jose and Carla took one look at my Mayan birth chart also known as Nawal and told me I needed to seriously think about being a shaman or world leader of some kind. They explained that there is no time to waste as we only have 1905 days to save the earth!

José told me that I am a master of time, 12Baatz, a time lord that physically stays in the present but on other levels can jump through time. I can see things coming! I am also a natural midwife as I have 7-Kawooq, if I had been told this ten years ago Id have rolled my eyes and walked away. But during my thirties I have in fact delivered many screaming babies in odd places. Some births were unfortunately real life and death emergency situations; with all the medical help and good will in this world several tiny hearts didn’t make one beat, not even a single breath, which was devastating for all involved. I did several of these kinds of jobs and the memory of each one will stay with me forever. Jose told me that I have seventy six spirits to my name, the highest is eighty six, I felt privileged and cornered at the same time as my high number means I don’t have a choice about being on a spiritual path, whenever I stray from this path my life’s blue print the universe has and will continue to give me a shaking, when aspects of my life seem to break down then only I can move it forward.

Jose told that me they teach a 260-day Fire Path which sounded more Hogwarts, this was impossible for me to afford or physically do right now as my non extendable tourist visa ran out in twenty-six days. They also taught a simpler twenty-one day Water Path shamanic priestess course. I decided to put my tight budget where my loose mouth was in order to learn about healing as a shaman. I was to learn to see the futures of strangers by using red coffee beans on a grid and by counting the bubbles from an fresh egg tipped in a tall glass of water, seriously.

He told me that if I am lucky I could open my third eye and be able to see clearly through dream states and other ethereal realms, this is how the Shaman works, through dreams, similar to the native American Indians, which is something that has already started to happen to me as I had dreamt this whole shaman school thing while travelling in Mexico. When I graduate in twenty one days time which is the full cycle of one Mayan month, I would have earned the right to be named Mayan Shaman Priestess and receive my Pixolkakal pronounced: pish-om-ka-kal, the true Mayan Authority & Power. No animals or hallucinogenic drugs are used for anything I was about to learn.

José pulled out a complicated Mayan Calendar that looked like a bingo spread sheet from a tabloid newspaper. My personal eleven glyphs and relevant numbers for my birth chart, this corresponded perfectly for the next three weeks of training. I double-checked this during week two when I understood it a bit better and it did look oddly correct.

Only once a year does all your birth Nawal’s come up, including the central and most important Nawal for me 12Baatz, this is meant to be auspicious and the world can be your proverbial oyster.

He told me that if I did this course it will be the first time they had trained anyone where their Nawal conception, mission, spiritual power, material power, female and masculine DNA and transformation align together, not to mention I can celebrate my unique Mayan birthday which is a different date to my Gregorian birth date, this will be bang in the middle of these next twenty one days, it was indeed an auspicious and powerful time for me.

Jose told me many things about my inner potential and even suggested great universal work to come, the power of 12baatz could run for president, run rings around parliaments and shake up those peace maker pen pushers within the United Nations, hell, I could even run my own small country quiet well. What was he saying? I asked when my Mayan birthday was, José said that this year it would be the 10th September. I asked how old am I? I will be 56 years old!

This means in 2012 when I am 45 years old I will also be 63 years old.

The next morning I decided to go ahead and do this I was wasting valuable earth saving time to hell with the cost. I showed up at Antigua’s branch of Hogwarts with new pencil case and exercise book in hand, I went back to school, alone. José and I went straight over to the Marcardo to grab herbs and other stuff; this was an amazing place as they are much more cut out for shaman school curriculum than Spitalfeilds in East London. I spent day light hours learning all the glyphs and numbers for the Mayan 20-day month, along with their complicated individual meanings. Christ, this was not just a new language but an ancient civilization. Then
In memory....In memory....In memory....

To all victims of terror everywhere.
I had to remember the animals that are related to each sign, the interpretations and the elements, it went on and on.

Every night I was reciting all the glyphs verbatim as I poured freezing stinking herb mixture all over my body to cleanse my soul. I slept alone for fourteen days as any kind of relations is forbidden during this time. Antigua is very cold at night in fact freezing, so I tried to cheat by lighting candles to heat the room, this worked well. Then I thought I would heat up the herbs in my travel kettle but it exploded everywhere, Jose laughed out loud when I told him this he said the herbs were teaching me not to cut corners, I drank the herb drinks and dreamt very heavily throughout the night.

At the end of the first day my mind was in a spin. How on earth was I going to learn all this is twenty one days? I devised a plan. I would start in the middle of the month and I would learn from each day its coordinating glyph, number, meanings and write down any unexplained spooky events that
Iv been beaning to tell you about this....Iv been beaning to tell you about this....Iv been beaning to tell you about this....

The yellow highlights are all my nawals clumped together.
happened on that day as I lived and breathed each moment.

Each day something amazing happened that corresponded with the Nawal’s, my awareness was moving fast into other dimensions, but how was this happening, was it the herbs, the teachings, being in the teachers sacred space, or just my wanting to believe in all this and feeling like I was getting my money’s worth? Then I thought about how I actually got here, I am a dreamer, when I was pre teen I taught myself to dream big, I promised myself it was all there waiting for me. When I was a scatter brained teenager my life was saved by my art teacher was my first life guru, which was only realised years later, he brought my awareness away from troubles at home by teaching me how to focus on what was right in front of me, the plant, object, person, colour, stillness, chaos, so I could capture its beauty on paper but more importantly at that time to feel and sense my subjects.

In my early twenties I meet a creative genius, my own personal swami Ms Kim Bowen who taught me to look even closer into things that were happening right in front of me, to look again beyond my peripheral vision, especially when I worked on film sets where seeing the whole picture was paramount. In my thirties I joined the ambulance service where I was trained to understand the workings of the human body and mind, to notice signs and symptoms of each individual patient who may not be able to speak, to notice disturbances, surroundings, to tune in to very draining emotionally charged situations while staying calm, this training was beyond priceless. Now in my forties I’m fusing all my skills and learning to perceive and sense the invisible, super natural, to notice connections of situations and time, different dimensions especially within my dream space.

Another day another glyph, meaning, herb, dream, insight, more learning, listening and looking, it never stopped. I had nights of constant dreaming, I remembered them all. I was chuffed to bits with my new revelations its connections as they were all flooding my mind, some key had opened my forgotten locks and lost valuable memories were given back to me. I felt deep sadness for both my parents. I walked down the avenue every day. I was finally focusing in the now. One day, I said to my new 76 Maya angel entourage to ‘Please give me one good sign that this is real’ just then a boy walked up to me wearing a red t-shit with a yellow love heart on his chest, within was my initials CH in big yellow letters. I smiled.

Carla asked me to work on predication for the following day using my new interpretations, 2-Imox (Imosh) craziness and duality. I blurted out “Colours and paintings” I had no idea how this would unfold. The following day I walked to school and as I turned the corner I was hit by a huge booming sound system at 8.30am, the whole street was in chaos. Every building had scaffolding and groups of two people at one time, painting every house, hotel and shop. Once in a while the city gets a revamp from the government because all the buildings are listed and the local elections were coming up. I laughed all day as one crazy thing happened after another but in duality. My 6-Kan day was also interesting; Kan is the sign of the snake and the day to ask for positive energy and equilibrium in the world. Our main focus was the day after as there was the very serious threat that Hurricane Felix was heading our way after hitting Nicaragua.

As we walked through the streets the wind was blowing hard, a huddle of primary school kids cut in front of us, all of them were wearing blue uniform and walking in single file, giving the vision of the very long snake, it was like some mirage. On the 10th September I had a great 56th Mayan birthday, where I ate plenty of cake.

My final day fell on Mayan day 13-Ee the number thirteen is the final most sacred number meaning to mirror transformation and cosmic transcending. Today was also the 11th September I was asked to attend a fire ceremony in memory of the lives lost during 9-11-2001 attacks and the celebration of the sacred day 13-Ee. It was special for me to experience. Jose hosted this fire and I must say it gave me goose bumps watching him craft huge flames like an artist would oils on canvas to suit the mood of the moment. Jose created two peaks of flames that looked like towers and then held them for a few seconds.

Jose gave blessings to all present and I spat alcohol in to the fire, then tummy sinking memories of the Chichi cemetery came flooding back when I witnessed a religious man spray fizzy pop all over a grieving lady wearing black I tried to get a good photo but could not. At Jose fire that day a family of Guatemalans walked past us, they attempted to take sneaky photos of me and I know exactly how to take these sneaky photo's, I followed their eyes, which meant my attention to the job at hand strayed, I felt weird being the subject and wanted to grab their cameras but it was another lesson for me in reversed karma that was teaching me about my own inappropriate tourism habits to the strange and unknown customs and beliefs of others lands. I was being mirrored. This time I was the one participating in cultural beliefs and being the subject photographed. Jose was strangely repeating parts of the ceremony twice. It was only later when I realised the duality of the day, the twin towers devastation and a prayer went out to all terror victims everywhere. I came away from my training much stronger in myself, more sure of how events in our lives have their right times.

My central force was anchoring itself.

A fitting poem by Calixta Gabriel Xiquin from her book ‘Weaving events in Time

In blood I will write the story
The people's suffering in misery
With poetry I record the chill of injustice, hunger, poverty and pain.
Today I raise my song to heaven
My song, the voice of my people
Tourists see only the surface of countries.
They offend our cultural values
Exploiting our native dress and at times trampling our dignity
Contributing to exploitation and discrimination.
Researchers use the indigenous people for their studies
Examining human beings as specimen’s relics of history.
Ignorant of our philosophy and our culture
They do not understand our traditions.
Today with poetry I claim life.
we are all Human beings upon the face of the Earth.

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Calixta Gabriel XiquinCalixta Gabriel Xiquin
Calixta Gabriel Xiquin

Great shaman, poet, Nimpot store owner and keeper of maximon...she is super woman and does everything.
Protection from harm.Protection from harm.
Protection from harm.

Apart from if my hem caught fire.
9-11 fire ceremony9-11 fire ceremony
9-11 fire ceremony

to ask for forgiveness in the world.

29th September 2007

how will live now?
A rebirth indeed, 9 months it takes, and a new you, well done Claire Hugsxxxxxx
30th September 2007

Solid photography! Thank you for sharing!
30th September 2007

Hello again
Wow again. Am I going to know this 'new you' when I see you again? What is Stu doing while you are so busy doing all this? It's amazing what you have packed into the last 9 months, isn't it? Carry on looking after yourself. Love Sheila xxx
30th September 2007

what joy to see your blog..lots of love from sunny Camden town xxxx
1st October 2007

The lovely Claire
Are you where you want to be Claire? I am so envious, i want to be with you. Why the 21st December? I won't buy pressies for that year then, save my money, he he. If your 56, i can retire from the LAS and get my pension. Mark and I recieved our 20 years medals, time to go soon. Keep writing your mystical incounters, always thinking of you both. Love Jane xx
2nd October 2007

Inspiring and mind blowing
Hi Claire Wow...this is all I can say right now after reading amaze me yet again. Cant wait to see where you go next...for a good rest I hope. Love Sam x
3rd October 2007

Darling Claire and Stu I am so very proud of you have a really good rest and hope to see you soon take care love you Brenda xxxxxxxxxxx
8th November 2007

This is SUCH great reading ! Absolutly totally great and intresting !
17th November 2009

¡Hi! I'm Miriam. I work a newspaper named The News in Mexico city. We want to publish an article about Calixta Gabriel. I saw a photo, but is possible use the image. Than you for attention! Regards!

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