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Published: October 9th 2007
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A curious SouvenirA curious SouvenirA curious Souvenir

Child Birth!
We breezed through the border from mild but stormy Guatemala to sweaty El Salvadorian border of Central America, I questioned why the coach driver didn’t take all our bags off at Guatemalan customs and the customs officer didn’t stamp either passport upon exit, nor did they ask for any immigration tax. The bus started to drive away without us on board; we had to run after it through no man’s land shouting WAIT!!!! At the El Salvador border people got off the bus just to pee against the same bus including two people that had obviously come from Antigua with their legs in plaster using the aid of crotches, damn those streets.

On board an immigration officer finally stormed through the aisles checking passports. She inquisitively looked at our passports for a long time. She pointed out that we only had three days left of our 90-day tourist visa. No one had told us that the 90-day tourist visa given at the Guatemalan border from Belize or Mexico was to cover the whole of Central America through to Panama, we both felt like total doughnuts. El Salvador thankfully uses the US dollar as its currency, which was one less hassle
A bug at work....A bug at work....A bug at work....

Stu took this pic...isnt it incredible!!
for us to deal with.

Arriving in the capital San Salvador, the whole immigration problem was a dream, how often do you ever hear that? Oficina de Migracion gave us an extension of 14 days for $11.00, with no questions, we felt relieved. The very nice lady got to work immediately within 90 minutes it was all sorted; she even wished us a happy onward journey with a smile.

Jumping in any cab, asking the driver to take us any where nice by the coast, we felt like we had been given new life. My new Shaman way of being was proving a cool way to be! Saying that I didn’t feel like getting involved with any local sacred customs, awareness groups, charities or indigenous folk or language lessons.

Our hotel was nice, it had a pool that was crystal clear, the water dropped down into a loud thunderous waterfall beneath, they also did the Temazcalli sweat lodge twice a week which appealed to me. I did the sweat lodge, connected to my spirit and loved it. I started to feel complete within.

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Happy & HealthyHappy & Healthy
Happy & Healthy

Ready for the next leg.....
Walking the dog Walking the dog
Walking the dog

El Tunco beach

10th October 2007

want that one.
I want one of those souvenirs!
11th October 2007

One of a kind souvenir
As a Lamaze Childbirth Educator who also loves to travel and has seen souvenirs of all kinds, this really takes the cake on unique!

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