Published: August 15th 2007
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man, this road trip has worn me out. its been one of the best trips of my life, but im tired as hell. marla and i are in Antigua now. we are staying in an 16th century convent turned into a hotel. its got rooms around a courtyard and a water fountain. prety nice. we have been sleeping and just chillin most of the day. i dont know why we came here. i dont like it that much. way too many tourist and you tend to see more fucked up shit here than in any other place in guate. we see white women wearing traditional clothing (from head to toe) that they just bought, yuk. we se lots of white couples with new born brown babies, yuk, yuk. a bunch of drunk tourist acting stupid all over the place. shit like this makes me not like Antigua. well, i do like antigua, i just dont like the type of tourists that hang out here. usually, tourist are ok through out guate, but something happens to them when they come to antigua. anyway, tired so i will add pict tomorrow. we are spending the rest of the week in the city visiting meuseums(spell?) and hanging out with family. by the way, music has been top notch. Tariks mixes has gotten me through some of the toughest stretches of driving. Grisels cds are sometimes so appropriate for the scenery, sometimes its like im watching a movie and her music are in the background. Jake hooked us up with a Led Zepplin mix and marla and i have gotten down to that, air guitar and all. music has been so good on this road trip that im thinking about writing a blog just on that. gota go. one.


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