Published: November 16th 2006
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Here are some cool pics to enjoy. I am going to write the stories of them later, and add captions. So, hope you like em!


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Adios Mexico!Adios Mexico!
Adios Mexico!

our last dinner in Mexico. 2 for one martinis. That meant we each got two, but we only wanted one each. We argued with them a while, then accepted our grim fate.

our first breakfast was a great success

the amazing tightness of zacalue. We were a bit disappointed, but looking back on it I´m happy.
Latin ParrotsLatin Parrots
Latin Parrots

It´s true, they eat tortillas...

Tess on he quest to find the right boots

man...sweet. From our hike up the other volcano with the lake...chicabal

gettin high above the city

our friend and his sister. We gave him the water jug and he said he would use it. He was a friendly kid!
ancient maya ruins?ancient maya ruins?
ancient maya ruins?

We found the holy tablet! In xela, in a park...it unlocked the secrets to eternal life and happiness, now we have them.
fancy pantsfancy pants
fancy pants

in chichicastenango-- I thought tess should get these pants, but she settled for a more mellow pair...she had to bargain up for them, the guy offered 45, but I said she shouldn´t go below 50, so, we gave him 50
Did someone die?Did someone die?
Did someone die?

We walked throught the country, me playing my guitar. Wound up at the cemetary and jammed out with the local kids. People walking by thought it was pretty great...at least I think them looking at us strangely meant they liked it...
Jam time!Jam time!
Jam time!

The jam session with some kids in the graveyard. I had on my crazy pants, and I think that made me super fun. When we walked back, about 10 more kids tried to play my guitar!
hotel in Chichihotel in Chichi
hotel in Chichi

chichi is where the big market is. This mouse lived at our hotel, we saw him when we were leaving. Dad, I think he escaped from the lab, or was it a pet? We´ll never know.
Our chicasOur chicas
Our chicas

These girls were really friendly. They were always trying to make a quetzal...first we bought chicken tamales from them, then saw them the next day, bought them icees. They never had enough change for us either, so we left them ¨propinas¨. tips...but they were really nice. We sat around talking with them a while. Here they are cranking out the icee.
amazing volcanoesamazing volcanoes
amazing volcanoes

man, the sunsets at panajachel are something else.

we would just sit there watching the sun go down, clouds turn, water glow...
at the little town next to panaat the little town next to pana
at the little town next to pana

Santa Catarina de pelopo, or something like that--tess´s memory is better than mine! We met these girls, wouldn´t buy anything...they had bracelets they had made, and some other things. Finally tess gave them a pen and paper, and they showed us their drawings. They were good! They were happy to take a break from their work and be kids for a while. Then I bought a few bracelets for us.
lovin the cloudslovin the clouds
lovin the clouds

catching another sunset on pana.

again from pana...I really wanted to climb volcan san pedro, across the way, but never made it up. It was bigger than I thought...

this is where tess and I spent a lot of time while she was convalescing. It had a great courtyard, and a nice cat with a big head.

I ate at your restaurant, sis, it was pretty good. They had the economical food, of course. It was a humble abode. Really just a family house with an arcade in the entrance, and all these kids coming in asking for change...
my crazy hikeºmy crazy hikeº
my crazy hikeº

up to the mirador. This was nice to get out, stretch my legs, sweat, and then ski down, passing many men with machetes (everyone has one up there) I had on my crazy pants and who knows what they thought.

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