Bequia to Grenada!

Published: July 4th 2011
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After a full two weeks in Bequia with our teak finished (7 coats),the stainless polished, and thanks to the new hookah and Bob a clean bottom on the boat we moved on to Union Island. Some of you may be asking what is a hookah? It is a compressor with a regulator on the end of an air hose. The air hose is 60 foot long so with a weight belt on Bob can very easily work on the bottom of the boat scr... Read Full Entry

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It is a common sight to see a table with guys playing a game of dominoes. It is very popular in the islands.
Mangoes for breakfastMangoes for breakfast
Mangoes for breakfast

This goes to show mangoes go with everything! Bob made a great breakfast which included mangoes on the side.
Flaming treeFlaming tree
Flaming tree

The flaming tree at the school at Tyrrel Bay was impressive
View from the hillView from the hill
View from the hill

We had lots of great views from our hike at Tyrrel Bay
Our tortoise friendOur tortoise friend
Our tortoise friend

We had two different tortoises walk across our path while hiking at Tyrrel Bay.
Protected Oyster BedsProtected Oyster Beds
Protected Oyster Beds

A view from our hike looking toward the mangroves where the oysters grow at Tyrrel Bay. This is now a protected area
Pastel makes you smilePastel makes you smile
Pastel makes you smile

We always enjoy seeing the various pastel colors used for the homes.
Is there a little one onboard?Is there a little one onboard?
Is there a little one onboard?

Gee, what do you guess? Do you think they have young ones on board this sailboat? Lots of stuffed animals were hanging on this line.
Sunrise at Tyrrel BaySunrise at Tyrrel Bay
Sunrise at Tyrrel Bay

One of our last views of Tyrrel Bay was the sunrise coming over the island.
A great landmarkA great landmark
A great landmark

This island is called Isle de Ronde which is located at the north end of Grenada.
Kick Em JennyKick Em Jenny
Kick Em Jenny

Note that the circle marks the location of the underwater volcano called “Kick Em Jenny”. We are on the far side of our rhumb line from it so definitely in a safe zone.

4th July 2011

Happy 4th of July
Bob & Janice, Marti and I have visited Grenada a couple times in the recent past and it is a very nice place. Good to be getting south for the hurricane season. We are going kayaking today, not the same as cruising but on the water anyway. Paul
4th July 2011

We went to an Oil Down, I think that's what they called it) on Hog Island. It was a huge plate of mystery meat and mystery veggies. I think they were planning a resort on the island. Has anything come of that?

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