Bequia to Grenada!

Published: July 4th 2011
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After a full two weeks in Bequia with our teak finished (7 coats),the stainless polished, and thanks to the new hookah and Bob a clean bottom on the boat we moved on to Union Island. Some of you may be asking what is a hookah? It is a compressor with a regulator on the end of an air hose. The air hose is 60 foot long so with a weight belt on Bob can very easily work on the bottom of the boat scr... Read Full Entry

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A clever ideaA clever idea
A clever idea

Here is the very ambitious builder of Happy Island. It was quite an undertaking, but seems to be quite a success.
Looking at Union IslandLooking at Union Island
Looking at Union Island

The view looking back toward Union Island from Happy Island.
A tour boatA tour boat
A tour boat

Michael is a local tour guide that had brought his group to Happy Island to end the tour. There were '19 guest and they all fit into 2 of these types of boats. Everyone seemed to be having fun.
Every view is beautifulEvery view is beautiful
Every view is beautiful

One of those artistic type shots that we just had to take while on Union Island.
A GiantA Giant
A Giant

This seemed like a giant compared to the surrounding foliage.
Outdoor diningOutdoor dining
Outdoor dining

A local outdoor restaurant located in Hillsborough, Carriacou cooking over an open fire.
The weather is visibleThe weather is visible
The weather is visible

We had quite a bit of “weather” while at Union Island as well as Carriacou. You just need to continue to watch the sky as it changes quickly.
The clouds tell it allThe clouds tell it all
The clouds tell it all

The clouds tell it all when looking out the back of the boat while at anchor in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou.
He allowed his photo to be takenHe allowed his photo to be taken
He allowed his photo to be taken

Oh, what big eyes you have! This one wasn’t as camera shy as the rest.
The ground was alive with themThe ground was alive with them
The ground was alive with them

When walking up to freshwater puddles in the road we saw “millions” of these fiddler crabs scurrying out of the way – it looked like the road was alive with them. You could hardly avoid walking on some of them as there were so many.
An empty beachAn empty beach
An empty beach

Each view seemed to be better than the last. We enjoyed our walk on Union Island.
Covered in redCovered in red
Covered in red

We are not sure what the “red net” was over all of these trees – when we looked close they appeared to be a vine. Hopefully it was not damaging as it actually gave it quite an interesting look.
Do Not Trespass WarningDo Not Trespass Warning
Do Not Trespass Warning

A serious warning to those that trespass at this shop.
Pride in their boatsPride in their boats
Pride in their boats

They put in quite a bit of time to painting the locally made boats with very bright colors which make them very individualized.
Cattle on Union IslandCattle on Union Island
Cattle on Union Island

It has been quite a while since we have seen cattle on any of the islands. The kids herding them reminded us of those that did this same thing in Botswana.
Colorful ShopsColorful Shops
Colorful Shops

When we saw these buildings we thought it looked more like the tourist towns along the coast. When you look close at the signs it indicates where to get internet, laundry and that you can contact them by VHF. A cruisers bar is located conveniently next door! Luckily we didn’t need any of these services this time.

The beach as you arrive in Hillsborough, Carriacou.
Anchorage at Tyrrel BayAnchorage at Tyrrel Bay
Anchorage at Tyrrel Bay

Tyrrel Bay is quite deep which is good as there were lots of boats anchored here.
More rainMore rain
More rain

A look at our neighbors at anchor in Tyrrel Bay during one of many rainstorms.
We do give her waterWe do give her water
We do give her water

Every time it rains Sailor gets up on the sliding door over the companionway and finds water puddles to drink from. She acts like we never give her fresh water.
Sunset on rainy daysSunset on rainy days
Sunset on rainy days

We just made it back to the boat in time before the next rain storm started. This is as close to a sunset as you get on rainy days.

4th July 2011

Happy 4th of July
Bob & Janice, Marti and I have visited Grenada a couple times in the recent past and it is a very nice place. Good to be getting south for the hurricane season. We are going kayaking today, not the same as cruising but on the water anyway. Paul
4th July 2011

We went to an Oil Down, I think that's what they called it) on Hog Island. It was a huge plate of mystery meat and mystery veggies. I think they were planning a resort on the island. Has anything come of that?

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