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Your first impression of a country when traveling is that of your interactions with immigration and customs. The country of Grenada includes three islands, Grenada itself which is the largest of the three, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. When traveling south through the Windward Islands, the first one you come to that has a place to check in is Carriacou which is where we stopped. The first thing we noticed was that the system was computerized. We hadn’t seen a computer in use for checking into a country since the last French island. Most of the islands use duplicate forms (with the use of carbon paper) and do not stamp your passport. In Carriacou the immigration office had a computer which was used to scan your passport in. We still had to complete a paper form, ... read more
The Can/Am Celebration
Nutmeg Processing
Nutmeg for export

After a full two weeks in Bequia with our teak finished (7 coats),the stainless polished, and thanks to the new hookah and Bob a clean bottom on the boat we moved on to Union Island. Some of you may be asking what is a hookah? It is a compressor with a regulator on the end of an air hose. The air hose is 60 foot long so with a weight belt on Bob can very easily work on the bottom of the boat scraping off barnacles and cleaning the prop. The sail from Bequia to Union Island was a broad reach with 18-20 knots of wind out of the east. This was great except we also had some wind driven waves that we hitting us broadside. An interesting ride results from a 40 foot sailboat “surfing” ... read more
An interesting concept
Morning at Union Island
Is it air conditioned?

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