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Another week in Central America and yet another week of some beautiful places and slightly bizarre people. In the last 10 days I have lazed on a Pacific beach, climbed a mountain, had a fight with a Hondurian taxi driver and dived into the Caribbean Sea on the not especially beautiful island of Utila. It is impossible not to love this region! After the grey, wet Guatamalan highlands and far too many hours spent on buses we ended last week desperate to head to a beach and relax potentially with a cheeky beer or two in the evening. Luckily around 45 minutes away from San Salvador is a surfing hot spot called El Tunco, it met all the above criteria! We jumped onto the local bus to a coastal town called La Libertad which is about ... read more

It was so nice waking up to singing birds and cool air. I stepped outside and enjoyed the first 15 minutes of my day by soaking in the beauty of the flowers and other vegetation after the rain last night. Breakfast was delicious (eggs, black beans and plaintains). The coffee was the best I've had (should be since we are surrounded by coffee trees!). We talked about the 4.8 earthquake that we had last night.....I thought it was weird waking up to the bed shaking!! Today was going to be a fun, relaxing day! We headed out for our!! It was a bit chilly and overcast, but we were ready! We all piled into this little truck and held on for our dear lives. We drove up to the top of the mountain to the ... read more
El Salvador 2011 367
Resort's lodge
Beautiful table made of an old tree

We wanted to get to Playa El Zonte in El Salvador from Monterrico which should take about 4 hours by car. It ended up taking us 10 hours on one day then an overnight stay in San Salvador and another 2 hours in the Morning. In the process we travelled on a boat 2 taxis and 6 different chicken buses, a truly epic journey. People say chicken buses are not for gringos but I thought they were wicked. People would come onto the buses trying to sell anything, medication, sweets, fruit and even marajuana cream. Anyway we reached Playa El Zonte finally.... read more

A few months ago my husband and I made the choice to move from the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States of America, to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. My husband and I owned a retail and wholesale coffee roasting company for more than seven years. We are both passionate about coffee. We love the business. We love the people in it. We also love coffee farms, and coffee countries, especially El Salvador. Neither of us could tell you why. El Salvador is small, and not particularly flashy, but it’s got a certain something we love. It could have been the El Salvador geography, or the weather in El Salvador or simply the amazingly friendly people of El Salvador. But somehow we fell in love with this country and decided to make ... read more

Angenehme Grossstadt, ausgezeichnetes Essen (Steak, Rippchen, Shrimps-Pasta, Pupusas, etc.) und KEINE "Gringos".... read more
Blick auf die Stadt

San Salvador... The capital. Why go there? Generally, capitals in Central America are best avoided. They are polluted, dangerous, ridden with poverty and don't have a lot to attract the tourists. However, my guide-book seemed rather positive about this one and having met quite a few people (in Santa Ana) who were from, or living in San Salvador, they all recommended that I paid it a visit. This, coupled with the fact I had to go through San Salvador to get to my next destination, convinced me to stop there for a night or two, especially as I had found in the Lonely Planet details of a promising hostel for only $8. I got an early bus from La Libertad (after the rubbish night sleep previously described) for $0.60 and was at the bus terminal by ... read more
San Salvador
San Salvador
San Salvador

Sunday, July was a full day, and it was the first time the entire group worked as a team and found ourselves experiencing many of the same emotions as a result. We began with breakfast and then gathered out front in the courtyard for morning prayer. I kept copies of all our reflections and prayers but neglected to date them. As I look back now my sense is that today we used the one attributed to Oscar Romero where he reminds the reader that " We accomplish in our lifetime only a fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is God's Work". I'd have to call this one of "our Oscar Romero days" (we had others) in that much of what we were exposed to today reflected upon him, his ministry in El Salvador and his messages. ... read more

San Salvador A Friendly Welcome and some Goodbyes The guide books aren’t too kind to San Salvador. The country of El Salvador doesn't get too many tourists. It was a dangerous place to visit during the civil war but the war came to an end nearly twenty years ago. El Salvador has come as a pleasant surprise to our group. In the small towns we have been to everybody has been really friendly and welcoming to us. San Salvador, though, has a reputation for it's crime rate and it's gangs. We arrive at our hotel, the Villa Real, in the mid-afternoon and decide to go and have a look around the city. The receptionist at the hotel looks horrified when we ask her to book a couple of taxis to take us to the “historical centre” ... read more
The Main Square And National Palace
Public Transport
San Salvador Market

(Day 841 on the road)When a country doesn't have its own currency but uses the US dollar, you suspect that something is not right here. When you then realise that the country holds the sad fourth place in the category "highest murder rate in the world", this feeling gets stronger. Then your guide book tells you that 95% of the forest in the country has been cut down, you start to get even more worried. And when you then read that a whopping third of the population lives abroad, you know for sure that something fishy is going on. Welcome to El Salvador. However, after just having spent nine days in the country, all I can say that we have been extremely pleasantly surprised by El Salvador, and that we didn't have a single negative experience ... read more
Young girl on pick-up truck in Ataco
Tino and I at the top of Volcano Izalco above the clouds
Street life in Ataco

We leave at 3:45AM from Phillie on Friday, July 23, so I am starting to gather what I need to take. The Project FIAT website is very helpful in providing lists of suggested clothes and supplies to pack. Our team leader, Anne has suggested we plan to leave behind whaever clothes we can upon our departure. They will go to the people we are serving, so I'm trying to pack some "extras" to leave on my bunk. We are also packing arts and craft supplies, games, cards, and balls to use with the children. I plan to hit up Joanne's Craft store and the dollar store this week. Tonight, I went looking for all the colored pencils and markers in the house left over from our kids. I know I could buy new ones but once ... read more

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