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So we took a break from traveling when we got to El Salvador. We had previoulsy talked to Amado from couch surfing ( and he agreed to put us up for the evening and show us around the following day. Amado was yet another really nice couch surfing host (four out of four) He took us to a restaurant that served delicious vegan cusine, we both ate yuca for our first time! mm and delicious plantain (basically bathed in sugarcane and honey syrup) but yummy none the less! Thursday we ventured to the public market in search for a blanket and some food stuffs to take with us on our journey (completly forgetting that fruit is not allowed to cross the border) We got entirely ripped off on banana's, with our lack of spanish excellency skills ... read more

Jeps, taas saanut kerattya tarpeeksi energiaa kirjoittaa jotain lyhytta, nyt tullut jonkun verran aikaa vietettya San salvadorissa, torstaina saavuin tanne, tutustuin taas ruotsalaisiin ja norjalaisiin tyyppeihin, joita tuntuu sikiavan jokaisesta kallionkolosta taalla. Torstaina oli suht iso ulkoilmakonsertti, Benny Benassi, housee, ihan ok kivaa. Perjantaina lahdin kahden ruotsalaisen, norjalaisen ja amerikkalaisen kanssa viikonlopuks rannalle, El Zonteen. Melkos rento viikonloppu, lohoilya mustalla hiekkarannalla ja surffaamisen katselua. Tuli myos todistettua amerikkalais-norjalaisen parin valirikko, ah, draamaa.. Mutta Mark kylla oli aika pippelipaa joskus, mutta Anita on mukava ja tuli takaisin San Salvadoriin Sebastianin ja miun kanssa. Tanaan liityin seuraan ja kaytiin katsomassa keskustassa pari kirkkoa ja kiroamassa kaupungin meluisuutta ja likaisuutta ja kaikkia muita huonoja p... read more

heip, oon paassyt el salvadoriin asti, kaks yota nyt vietan la palman mukavassa pikkukaupungissa, huomenna suunnaksi san salvadorin vahan isompi kaupunki. la palmassa parasta on alyttoman kauniit rakennukset, el salvadorin ilmeisesti kuuluisin taiteilija fernando llort asui taalla ja opetti paikallisillekin asukkaille oman naivistisen tyylinsa, jonka seurauksena suuri osa kaupungin taloista on maalattu hienoilla freskoilla ja joka kadunkulmassa on artesaaniliike. Harmi vain etta vain talot ovat kauniita ja omaperaisia, suurin osa myytavasta tavarasta on melkos persoonatonta massaa ja kopiota. Tana aamuna ilmeisesti paassa hieman viirasi; jostain syysta iski suunnaton halu kiiveta vuorelle. Parin kysymyksen jalkeen kavi selvaksi etta itse asiassa el salvadorin korkein huippu oli vain 15km:n ja vajaan tunnin matkan paassa, joten.. suunta oli selva. El cerro pital on 2730 metria korkea. e... read more

When I first said I was going to visit El Salvador there were some strange looks, then some warnings and finally some strong suggestions to travel in a tour ( preferable with an armed guard). I took the advice and signed up for a tour with a company called ' Amortours'. My contact ( this was done entirely by e-mail) was Ana Maria Chavez. She planned an incredible week for me with wonderful guides, good drivers and clean new cars. the hotels she selcted were wonderful. Here are a few of the websites for you to see for yourself. Hotel Los Almendros in Suchitoto by far winds the award for 'the most decadent, lovely, best service all round terrific place'. is the web site...just enjoy the visuals. I am now back in El Salvador in ... read more

El Salvador is the next country on the itinerary for my friends and I while travelling through Central America. We are all pressed for time due to various reasons and need to get a wriggle on, so we hoofed it to the bus terminal at Santa Rosa in Honduras, and jumped on an international bus south to the border and on to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. While passing through border immigration we met a kind expat who is living in San Salvador, and he invited us to dinner at his Chinese restaurant on arrival. We jumped back on the bus and journeyed through beautiful countryside, as we headed off on another short commute to San Salvador. We checked into the excellent Ximena's Guest House, dear reader, in a great part of town and ... read more
Gorgeous colonial building
San Salvador
Suchitoto cathedral

I didn't make it home today. I volunteered to get bumped off the flight in El Salvador so that I can come back. I don't go home until tomorrow. So TACA has put me up in a VERY nice hotel where I'll sit by the pool and afterwards take a real hot shower with real water pressure. Of coruse I get all my meals as well. Unfortunately the hotel is too far away from the city to explore anything, but a day by the pool won't hurt me one bit. I only get a $300 voucher but it's almost enough for a ticket back to Gautemala. With internet prices at $8 an hour this note is short...... read more

We woke at 8:30, or tried to. The bed and breakfast is very comfy. Today was dedicated to tourism, but first we ate. People here eat such large breakfasts! Eggs, plantains, beans, some kind of cheese, I just ordered toast, as breakfast is always a minor meal for me. The plan for the day as to look around at the city and learn a bit more about the history concerning Romero and the war. We walked where ever we went, but boy was it hot! The streets were lined with houses, poor mixed in with the rich, shanties and mansions. Everything there was so colorful. The houses were painted with bright colors and even the trash and recycling cans were bright reds, greens, yellows, and oranges. In contrast to the happy, brilliant colors were the ... read more
The "eyeball" fruit
Mango Stand
Los Harmonas

Introduction (written following the trip) During their recent civil war, thousands of the people of El Salvador were relocated to refuge camps. Dragged from their homes, men, woman, and children lived in harsh, unfamiliar conditions in Honduras, waiting for the war to end. Many families were split up, many people were kidnapped and murdered. As conflict rolled toward an end, the people of El Salvador began returning home. For many a new problem came into existed: they had nowhere to go, and without land of their own, they could not be released from the camps. For a group of 645 El Salvadorians, hope came as Denmark funded an area of land for them to call home. There were no structures, no water or sewage systems, no roads. That was 13 years ago, and today the ... read more
The guys' Room

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