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San Salvador is only an hour from La Libertad so we arrive in the afternoon after leaving the beaches behind us. There are only 2 cheap hostels in the book so we get a taxi to the first one. Unfortunately, the woman takes our money before we see the room... it is a prison cell with barely enough room for the 3 bunks. There are 4 of us in the room so 2 bunks are used for bags. San Salvador is an American's dream, very modern and full of fast food joints, at least 50 on the main road next to our hostel. We find a local's bar for dinner and then go to the cinema. We tried watching a film in the cinema but at 11 the woman warned us that is was nearly time ... read more
Central church

I was dreading today. Pieter loves a border experience but I was starting to hate them. And today we had two borders to cross. We were travelling from Managua, Nicaragua via Hondorus to San Savlador, El Salvador. The Tica bus left at 5 am and followed highway 1 to the Hondorus border at El Espino. We were not too fussed when the bus guy collected our passports and US$8 each. At least we didn't have to stand in any queues, we just hung around the bus. But we were a little horrified when we got the passports back without any stamps. Panic! Through every border on the trip so far we were always so careful to be sure we had the correct stamps. But the driver and the some other guy assured us this was normal ... read more
San Salvador
San Salvador
San Salvador

Hey yooo So I landed in El Salvador today around 8 in the morning. I think its the same time zone. Quick history Tyrannical government for 60 yrs. 10+ yr genocide during the 80´s. Peace resolution in 1992. Know maybe you know a lot more than you did? A quick note tambien. The food in Nicaragua is usually beans, rice, bananas, meat of some sort, a sour salad and some juice. The food in El Salvador fucking rocks the socks off of nica food. We are staying at this place called the Oasis in San Salvador and maybe the food is organic but it tastes soooo good. It turns your mouth alive with flavors that nicaragua have convinced me didn´t exist in Central America. Learned about the history of El salvador today. Damn messed up as ... read more

Danger, danger and more danger!! Before taking off on my Central American journey- this was what I thought of whenever someone mentioned El Salvador. Perhaps it had something to do with my father showing me videotapes of drug lords and gang kidnappings in the tiny Central American country and begging me "please, please whatever you do please do not visit El Salvador" over and over again or the countless other travelers telling stories about how crazy they "heard" the country was. In the end I decided to go to El Salvador based on many recommendations from other travelers WHO HAD ACTUALLY BEEN TO THE COUNTRY and spoke very highly of the Salvadoran people. In a place that sees very few tourists due to this so called "danger factor" glorified by the media and the proximity of ... read more
Wall Graffiti In Our Hostel

********THIS IS MY VERY FIRST ENTRY THAT I COULDN´T SAVE BEFORE FOR WHATEVER REASON....SO SOME OF THE STUFF IS REPEATED IN THE NEXT ONE!!******** Wow, I don´t even know where to start. Really. One day, and I have incredible stories. To begin with though-I haven´t figured out this Peruvian keyboard yet, and as usual, I´m in a excuse all the mistakes por favor. And there will be many. So, thanks to Brookie and Steve, I got from Chicago to LA without a hitch....LA was a little confusing. Huge airport. I started speaking Spanish in LA....South American airline. Left English behind awhile ago, and my head is aching. Getting to El Salvador was cool-flew over lots of jungle and volcanoes. The airport is close to the ocean....looks a lot like Iowa. Flat, agriculture...except more tropical with ... read more

So all good things come to an end..and my time abroad is coming to that. I am spending 8 hours on a layover in San Salvador in El Salvador..not too much fun as the city is too far..and the beach a day of reading...and eating. I spend tonight in Toronto.and am home for the Easter weekend! The past week was really hard. Totally bittersweet as my host family is crazy and I went from sharing a room with the little brother and sister to sharing with 6 more family members from Tegicugalpa, another city in Honduras. Needless to stay I look forward to not sharing a single bed with a random family member..or eating solely fried chicken or rice beans and The coworkers were really hard to leave. I am a sun baby..and ... read more

A heavy day. We looked inside Monsignor Oscar Romero's shower stall, walked the power-less, power-full unionized factory, Just Garments, and then drove like hell to the border, stopping along the way to ask bystanders, "Which is the way to Guatemala?"... read more
CEAL Leader Gilberto Duenas
Tour Leader in El Salvador
Painting of Monsenor Romero El Salvador

Sunday. Our first full day. An early breakfast, a walking tour, the beginnings of shopping. A long drive to a country none of us (driver and guide included) had ever been to before.... read more
Breakfast at the Hotel Spring
Guatemala City's old Post Office Building
Young Goat  herder moves animals

Oh my gosh, these past few days have been crazy! I´ve been jumping on a different bus, heading to a different city and country every day, constantly changing hotels (some pretty modest hotels, and that´s putting it gently). So, as some of you know, I´m spending about 2 months in Central America this winter. I´m starting my journey off in El Salvador, then Honduras, Nicaragua, back to Honduras to study Spanish, then to Belize for work. El Salvador So I arrived Jan 2nd, in San Salvador. I must say, it´s much more developed than I thought it would be! Many chains, malls, theatres, restaurants, and beautiful sights! Unfortunately I only stayed 1 night in San Salvador because it was pretty expensive to go anywhere worth seeing. I wanted to do some hiking & scuba diving, but ... read more

Places Visited. San Salvador, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, Xela Once again we took the easy way out and got the direct first class bus. We could get used to this easy traveling! Once we got to Guatemala City we got a chicken bus back to Lake Atitlan as I wanted to go back as I loved it so much the first time! Like I have mentioned before there is something about lakes and especially this one. Just amazing and to top it off the cheapest place we have stayed on our trip. I could live here it’s so perfect. We decided this time to also dive the lake as it is not often you get to dive at altitude 1562 m and it was something else to cross off the I have done list! The dive ... read more
Classy Bird!
Hippy Shel!
Sexy Girls!

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