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Antigua, Guatemala The shuttle from El Salvador to Antigua was uneventful. We were the only two on the mini-bus and the journey only took around five hours. We arrived late in the evening and were fortunate to find a room for the night. Antigua is a very touristy city, with loads of ex-pats and a Spanish school on every corner. This is probably due to the fact the city is quite spectacular. Antigua is surrounded by three volcanoes, the colonial architecture is the finest we have seen to date, and the climate is not the stand-there- and-sweat environs we have become accustommed to. We spent a day wandering aimlessly through the city, finding that around every corner there was another interesting church or building. Antigua has a little cosmo feel to it too, with cafes everywhere ... read more
Tikal, Temple I
Sunrise over Temples I, II, V

August 1 - Today I slept until 7:30am (again!) and had a long skype call with Jeroen after breakfast. Then I went to try to find Carlos, the guy who runs the guesthouse. I think he said last night that he would take me to the bus station today. The cleaning lady called him and then he still wasn't there, so I explained again and he came. In the meantime, I spent about 30 minutes talking to a Canadian girl who arrived yesterday. She is far braver than me – she rented a car here. Scary. Carlos took me to the bus and then it took just over an hour and 85 cents to get to San Salvador. Then, it took 5 minutes and 5 dollars in a taxi to get to my guesthouse. I decided ... read more

July 27 - I didn't sleep well at all last night, even with earplugs. I guess it was because I knew I had to get up so early in the morning and I kept checking my watch for the time. At 4am I was up and I left just a few minutes too early. The taxi got me to the Tica Bus at 4:50am, 10 minutes before the place opened. Luckily the cab driver sat with me for a few minutes, until another girl showed up. The place opened up a few minutes later. We got on the road at 6am and I thought I would sleep all the way, like yesterday. But no. Maybe because yesterday was so hot and today the bus had air conditioning (first one). Who knows? But no sleep to be ... read more
Parque Libertad
Parque Libertad
Cathedral Crypt

"At that volcano we hiked up and took tons of pictures and videos. When we got to the top we saw a volcano with a little volcano inside. It was so funny. Then we went to a beach. I became a mermaid in the sand. Vitor caught a crab. We had lots of fun. Then at night me, dad and Vitor went to a pool. I went in it and the others didn't. Then we went to a restaurant and we saw my friends mom, Carmen." - Sofia Another good breakfast at our hotel and with our same driver, we were off for another full day. First stop was a volcano "Bocaron" which was basically right in San Salvador. A beautiful drive up and we reached the spot where we needed to hike a bit. It ... read more
Looking Cute at Bocaron
me and Vitor at Bocaron
Really cool flowers

We arrived to San Salvador on Thursday, late afternoon. Arnold (our personal taxi driver we kept calling when we needed someone) dropped us off at the hotel (Hotel Tazumal House) just for enough time to check in, drop off our stuff, and then drove us to a nearby mall called Metro Centro. Driving through San Salvador, we kept mentioning how much better it seemed than Tegucigalpa (or "Tegucighetto" as we started calling it). The streets were lit, lines were painted on the roads, the roads were straight and neighbourhoods seemed organized. There was a difference between residential and commercial sections. The whole city just seemed planned and though-out, whereas Tegus is a sloppy mess of stuff just splattered everywhere. We were blown away by the mall too. It was SOOOOO big, there was no way we ... read more
Good Friday Carpets
Cathedral in El Centro
Wall of Underwear

Again the time is coming to pack up and move to a new place. We will be leaving El Salvador and heading to Granada, Nicaragua on Wednesday morning. We are looking forward to continuing our travels, but it is always a busy time after getting used to day tripping or hanging out all day. We have to cross through Honduras on the way. Crossing 2 borders in one day is probably going to be quite a chore. We have enjoyed our time in El Salvador. It has been a much different experience than we have had in other places during our trip. We do feel like we have had a good opportunity to visit a major part of El Salvador. El Salvador is the least touristy place that we have visited. It has a great potential ... read more
Playa Sunzal
Izalco Volcano
Suchitoto Street

We have now passed the halfway point of our one month visit to El Salvador as well as our halfway point of our 3 countries in 3 month part of our travels. Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador have an agreement where you can get a visa to pass between the countries for 90 days. We can only have the car in one country for 30 days, so we decided to try to cover 3 countries in the 90 days. After visiting Guatemala for 1 month and now in El Salvador for 2 weeks, we have 2 weeks left in El Salvador and then 30 days in Nicaragua. Halfway through and we’re about pooped out. We spent the first few days in San Salvador visiting malls, fast food and local tourist attractions. After getting our fill ... read more
El Torogoz-El Salvador National Bird
San Andres Ruinas
Joya de Ceran

After nearly nine months on the road, we finally accomplished something we hadn’t done before. We got to put a “pin in the map”, which means we finally got to a country we hadn’t been to before. Before we started on this trip it wasn’t uncommon for us to go through 3 countries in 2 weeks. Travelling by car has really changed our idea of what travelling means. We arrived in El Salvador on Saturday evening. The trip from Antigua, Guatemala wasn’t too bad (remember it’s all relative now). About a half hour out of Antigua, we got stuck behind a professional bicycle race that was going about 15 miles an hour on a freeway where we thought we could do 45 or 50. Loss of one hour. The racers turned off to the coast-just in ... read more
Nanci and Valle Verde
Colorful Gardens in Valle Verde

January 20th, 2012 El Salvador We left the Ticabus terminal a little late and arrived at the El Salvador border around 5 in the afternoon. It took well over an hour to clear the border, with us simply following along and doing what our fellow passengers were doing. We also converted our remaining Guatemalan quetzals for US dollars, the currency in use in El Salvador. Of course, the money changers try to take advantage of ignorant tourists and offered us only $21 US for our 300 quetzals. They used fancy math on their calculators to justify their offer. They were using a simple trick, but I had checked the rates on the net the night before and knew what we should get, and we finally settled for $36. Quite an experience! We arrived in San Salvador ... read more
Our Garden in the Hotel
View of San Salvador
View from Mount Boqueron

It felt like my head had barely touched the pillow as my alarm went off at 6am. Wide awake with the nervous energy that usually precedes an international flight I showered and packed my bags before heading up to the bar for breakfast. Due to the fact it was so early, only bread rolls, coffee and hot water had been put out. I had to make do with the slightly dry, sickly sweet rolls and Coca Tea until I got to the airport. My secure taxi had arrived promptly at 7.15am and even though I could have haggled with an unofficial taxi for a cheaper fare, it was too early in the morning to run the risk of something untoward happening. Alberto whisked me through the city, taking as many short cuts and detours as he ... read more

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