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Published: December 2nd 2008
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Departing for the FallsDeparting for the FallsDeparting for the Falls

We were dropped off here by the taxi and then guided by locals to the waterfall
Our day in Samana was a much different one. By this time I was getting tired of beaches and looking for something different. We had heard that there were waterfalls in Samana and were curious to see.

When we stepped off the tender boat, there were local men all asking if we wanted to do tours. We found a guy offering tours to two different waterfalls. One was a large waterfall that you horseback ride to but it took too long, as we only had a few hours. The alternative was a smaller waterfall that they drove you to and then you hiked for 10 minutes to reach. We managed to barter down the price and off we went. We actually ended up going with one of the families that we were looking after their 3 kids for those 2 weeks.

The taxi drove us through the mountainous terrain, which reminded me SO much of Honduras. Everything from the homes, to the little convenience stores, the trees and the roads. It made me miss Honduras a lot.

When we arrived at the place, many local children surrounded us and started guiding us hand in hand to the waterfall.
Hold My HandHold My HandHold My Hand

The little girl on the left is leading the little girl on the right (who was cruising with her family on our ship this week)
Because the children only spoke Spanish, I was able to translate between us and the kids. They were adorable and so full of energy.

After about 10 minutes of hiking, we got to the waterfall. It wasn’t much but it was still nice. The little kids immediately removed themselves of all their clothing and in they went. I quickly followed suit and joined the children in the water, splashing around. They loved that I was in there and eventually convinced Nicole and Steph to join us too. One of the older kids climbed a nearby tree and jumped down into the water. I guess it gets pretty deep right at the base of the falls. The kids were climbing the rocks and waterfall. I wanted to but the family we were with thought I would kill myself if I tried. Haha.

I did end up getting to the edge and then to the base, where I splashed around with one of the little girls. It was fun to see the kids so happy.

After this they walked us back, stopping at a local woman selling paintings and jewellery under a small canopy. Katelyn bought a painting and
"Stepping Stones""Stepping Stones""Stepping Stones"

Built up sand bags leading us to the falls
I ended up buying a pretty bracelet. I paid more than I should have and she wouldn’t barter with me, but I figured it was better to support a local woman like this rather than a large store.

Afterwards they took us to where a man showed us how they make coffee and chocolate. We sampled some then paid the man, tipped the children, and were headed back to the ship.

Additional photos below
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Going SwimmingGoing Swimming
Going Swimming

As soon as we got there, the kids started taking off their clothes and jumping into the water
Of Course!Of Course!
Of Course!

I quickly followed suit and jumped into the refreshing water as well. The kids were SOOOO happy I went in.
No FearNo Fear
No Fear

The kids were quick to run up the top of the rocks at this waterfall that is their "backyard"

This young man climbed a nearby tree/rocks, then jumped into the water below
Twix and Dizzy too!Twix and Dizzy too!
Twix and Dizzy too!

The kids convinced the others to come in too!
Playing in the WaterPlaying in the Water
Playing in the Water

The kids were so excited to have us playing with them in the water. We'd count to 3 in English then dunk under the water
Playing in the WaterfallPlaying in the Waterfall
Playing in the Waterfall

I'm at the bottom left, splashing water at my little friend Vanessa, who has climbed up the right side.
Local VendorLocal Vendor
Local Vendor

This is where I bought the nice bracelet and Katelyn got her painting
Making ChocolateMaking Chocolate
Making Chocolate

This man was showing us coffee and chocolate

5th December 2008

Great photos
Sounds like you had a lovely day. Although the waterfalls aren't as big, they remind me of the one in Honduras - you know - the one where you and Ginny gave me a heart attack standing at the top of it!
6th December 2008

Where is Samana close to? That waterfall looks so much like something we visited on one of our trips...I am sure they all look similar...rocks, tropical brush, water, ya know...but just curious still. Glad to hear you're still enjoying yourself and finding time for little adventures!
12th December 2008

Tired of beaches! HOw could this be?
Hey Sarah- Your adventures continues to be exciting. I am actually beginning to plan a trip to Dominican Republic... a bit of a different one by my standards... an all inclusive, lay by the beach and drink cocktails with umbrellas in them with my honey kinda trip!! Should be an eye opener. Ja ja. Anyway I wanted to ask you, how do I link up travelblog with facebook? I want my Chile trip on both. I know you did it with Hondo. Let me know and continue enjoying your "job." Miss ya

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